Two years of Ci Gusta Mali!

It’s already been two years since Ci Gusta Mali brought the goodness of Italian gelato to cosmopolitan and modern Bamako, and to celebrate this important milestone, we want to introduce you to this wonderful place. It all began when Chadi Mourad and his wife Chahnaze decided to bring the culture and passion for artisanal gelato […]

14 October 2021 News

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Ci Gusta Cioccomania

Dark, milk, white or with crunchy hazelnuts are just some of the delicious ways to enjoy chocolate, one of the most delicious foods that you can taste. At Ci Gusta we love experimenting with this mesmerizing ingredient, and you’ll find plenty of ways to get the most out of it. Let the cioccomania of Ci […]

8 October 2021 News

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The delicious Ci Gusta gelato cups

Enjoying a good gelato is a sweet moment to treat yourself when you want to take a break from the hectic pace of the day and simply enjoy a bit of light-heartedness while you are eating your favourite gelato combination. If you want to take a moment just for you, come to Ci Gusta, make […]

22 September 2021 News

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Ci Gusta brings Italian cuisine to central Africa

The chain’s largest restaurant opens in Brazzaville on October 17 The opening of Ci Gusta Brazzaville, Congo, is just around the corner. October 17th will bring the goodness and quality of Italian cuisine to the heart of Africa in a spacious and welcoming environment. With its 1200 m2, the new restaurant will be the largest […]

15 September 2021 News

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Cool down with Ci Gusta

Looking for a way to cool down from these late summer days? Don’t worry, come to Ci Gusta to try the tastiest way to beat the heat. Are you looking for something to quench your thirst, but a classic glass of water isn’t enough? Ask our bartender to add some fruit syrup to your glass […]

8 September 2021 News

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Ci Gusta Lagos work in progress

The work on the new Ci Gusta store in Lagos, one of the most dynamic cities in Africa, is proceeding fast. We are now in the main phase of designing the large store, which requires a careful study of the space and attention to the smallest details that distinguishes the Italian Style of our restaurant. […]

25 August 2021 News

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Ci Gusta Kabul

In 2013, a young Afghan entrepreneur living in Europe came into contact with Ci Gusta by chance. At the time, he was the owner of a well-established chauffeur-driven car rental business. Upon this encounter he realized that Ci Gusta, a gelato franchise founded two years earlier in Italy by Dario Rabboni, could be the key […]

18 August 2021 News

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Creamy sweetness with the flavour of Yoghurt

Ci Gusta’s soft yoghurt differs from others in its creaminess and genuine taste that refreshes the palate and can be enriched with grains and delicious sauces to make the snack of your dreams. Our soft yoghurt has a sweet taste, but with a pleasant hint of acidity that makes it so special and similar to […]

17 August 2021 News

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Try the overwhelming freshness of Ci Gusta’s milkshakes

If you’re a fan of Ci Gusta‘s artisanal gelato, you will love to try our Milkshakes. You can enjoy this refreshing treat, suitable either to be savoured in one of our comfortable dehors or to be ordered to take away and sipped while strolling through the city streets. If you love intense, mouth-watering flavours, you’re […]

10 August 2021 News

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Quick, but with taste

If you are looking for a delicious meal to eat quickly during your lunch break in a bright and welcoming environment, come to Ci Gusta to experience the fast and tasty experience. One of the main objectives of Ci Gusta is to offer Italian cuisine in a fast and efficient way, using only genuine ingredients […]

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Ci Gusta’s summer gelatos

Summer is for sure the best season to enjoy deliciously creamy and flavorful artisan gelato, giving you a refreshingly pleasant and sweet sensation. On warmer days, we recommend you choose one of the different fruit flavours that our gelato makers suggest in the shop window. Strawberry, for example, is a great classic loved by young […]

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Ci Gusta at Calle del Lovo is already a success!

Small, but of great visual impact and strong personality! On 17 July 2021, Ci Gusta Teatro finally opened! Thanks to its strategic location, at the intersection of the urban axis that leads from San Marco to Rialto, many Venetians and tourists stopped by to enjoy the selection of different gelato flavours our Chefs prepared for […]

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A New Pay Off for Ci Gusta!

Today we would like to announce something new in the world of Ci Gusta! We have decided to add to our motto Buono Sano Italiano (Good, Healthy, Italian) a new pay off that underlines our Italian character and quality that distinguishes us all over the world. “You Can Always Trust Italian” highlights the relationship of […]

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The fresh granitas of Ci Gusta

When the heat is really strong, the only way to cool off is with one of our granitas, which will delight you with their flavour and keep you well hydrated during the hottest months. Granita is a typical Italian summer drink that is consumed throughout the country during the hottest afternoons, but it can also […]

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In Ci Gusta, not only will you find premium homemade gelato, but also delicious baked goods that are sure to bring you delight from the early morning until the early evening. Are you curious to discover the selection of our bakery? Read on. A croissant filled with one of our delicate and flavourful creams is […]

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Ci Gusta Castello Venezia reopens!

Venice has been affected by Covid19, but as the Fenice, its splendid theatre, has reborn. We want to celebrate its rebirth by giving you the news that Ci Gusta Castello Venezia has reopened its doors to tourists visiting one of the world’s most elegant and refined cities.As well as admiring the picturesque calli and taking […]

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Cool evenings at Ci Gusta

The days are getting longer and it’s very pleasant to take a break in the open air while sipping one of the many refreshing drinks created by the imagination of our bartenders. Enjoy a moment of pure relaxation as you savour our fruity Forest Berries Mojito, a non-alcoholic cocktail made with berry syrup that gives […]

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Vegetarian, but with taste

If you are looking for vegetarian and vegan dishes without sacrificing the flavours of Italian cuisine, you will find plenty of options at Ci Gusta that will surprise you. Our menu is based on the main principles of the Mediterranean diet, from which many traditional Italian dishes are derived, and offers daily portions of pasta, […]

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Ci Gusta lands in Nigeria

Ci Gusta is ready to bring the goodness of Italian cuisine to Lagos, one of the largest cities in Africa where the approximately 17 million people living in this metropolis will finally be able to enjoy the authentic flavours of Italian food. Pizza, pasta and of course gelato will arrive in Nigeria in this city […]

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Meeting of flavours

Eid mubarak to all our Muslim customers! The new moon brings an air of festivity and to celebrate the end of Ramadan, we want to show you some traditional Italian dishes that share ingredients and flavours with some of the most representative dishes of Arab and Middle Eastern cuisine. Cous cous is certainly one of […]

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Ci Gusta Al Fresco

There is nothing better than enjoying your favourite dishes in the open air to have a complete taste experience. At Ci Gusta you will be sheltered from the sun’s rays and delighted by the gentle breeze that carries the scents coming from the kitchen and will make your mouth water. Starting the day with a […]

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From the Food Valley to the whole world

Ci Gusta has its roots in the heart of the Italian Food Valley, in Reggio nell’Emilia to be precise. This territory identifies all the territories of Emilia Romagna, embracing also the province of Mantua, an area where many recipes of the Italian cuisine were born to enhance the high quality raw materials of which this […]

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A corner of Italy in the heart of India

The flavours and scents that are typical of Ci Gusta cuisine can also be found in the bustling and lively Hyderabad, the capital of the Telangana state in India. This city rich in history, has always been characterized by a harmonious fusion of styles and cultures that welcome and appreciate the flavours that distinguish Ci […]

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Discover the flavours of Ci Gusta Luanda

Today we take you to Angola, more precisely to Luanda, the capital of this growing state. In this city, also know as the “Paris of Africa”, more and more inhabitants are choosing to relax with a fresh artisanal gelato made with care and skill by the gelato makers of Ci Gusta. Ci Gusta has been […]

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Easter in Ci Gusta

Easter is coming and we want to celebrate with a menu full of flavor and aroma. Even if you don’t celebrate this holiday, you’ll love it! Read on to discover our special recipes. To start this festive menu, we propose a starter based on the pizza that takes our name: Pancrocchino™ Ci Gusta. A soft […]

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Waffle Day at Ci Gusta

Do you know what today is? March 25th is one of the most delicious days of the year – it’s Waffle Day! Today we celebrate the wonderful international variations of this well-loved treat. Sweet or savory? Big or small? Thick or thin? Waffles are delectable any way they come. Uncover the various ways waffles are […]

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Spring has blossomed at Ci Gusta

Nature is blossoming and filling the landscape with bright colors and sweet floral fragrances. These sights and smells herald the beginning of a season full of joy, growth and juicy fruits. Fruit becomes the star of the Ci Gusta menu where it is exalted in a thousand delicious ways you will not want to miss. […]

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A Brief History of Pizza

Gourmet pizza, Roma or Verona style pizza or Pancrocchio? We may not know how to choose the pizza we love the most, but we’d certainly eat it every day! Join us with discovering the history of this tasty food that is loved all over the world. Pizza has an ancient history that originates on the […]

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Ci Gusta Fethiye – Italian Taste in the Heart of the Mediterranean

We are happy to announce the reopening of Ci Gusta Fethiye, which will take place on March 15th. Once again, you will be able to enjoy the specialties of Ci Gusta in this city rich in history and breathtaking landscapes located in the Lycia coast located in the South-West of Turkey. During the time this […]

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Gulfood Trade Show is started! We are waiting for you at Gemco’s booth to discover everything about Ci Gusta. February 21-25Hall 1, Stand C1-20 – GEMCOItalian PavilionDubai

22 February 2021 News

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Ci Gusta reinforces its presence in Africa with a forthcoming opening in Brazzaville, the dynamic and cosmopolitan Congolese capital, geographically located on the banks of the Congo River.

The construction of the new Ci Gusta is progressing quickly and will soon bring the classic dishes of Italian cuisine to the heart of equatorial Africa. The city of Brazzaville is a charming, historic colonial capital of a country rich in raw materials and underground resources. The city has a relaxed atmosphere thanks to its […]

16 February 2021 News

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Date night at Ci Gusta

Looking for a place to take your soulmate to celebrate an important event and treat them to a special and tasteful evening? Take them to Ci Gusta to enjoy a menu of delicious dishes that will make your romantic date unique. If you are a couple who cannot resist pizza and love the harmony that […]

11 February 2021 News

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A pizza for all taste buds

Simple, with just tomato and mozzarella, or more elaborate with the addition of vegetables, meat or fish to create a unique dish with a thousand nuances of taste,  we are describing one of the most popular dishes in the world: pizza. At Ci Gusta, our chefs work confidently with the soft dough that forms the […]

4 February 2021 News

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Discover the new Ci Gusta Portogruaro store!

Ci Gusta Portogruaro has a new look! Since December we welcome all of our clients to a totally renewed and welcoming space. This store is brighter and has the iconic colors of Ci Gusta; white and blue. We have redesigned our gelato shop window to provide more space to display the many delicious gelato flavors […]

26 January 2021 News

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Color the winter with Ci Gusta’s dishes!

The coldest season of the year has arrived in Italy and it has brought with it not only snow, but also many inviting dishes to warm our Ci Gusta customers. We let ourselves be inspired by this time of the year to create a colorful and fragrant menu that will cheer you up even on […]

18 January 2021 News

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Start the new year with taste!

2020 is coming to its end and it’s time for welcome the new year with taste. Read on to discover the dishes we’ve come up with for the longest night of the year.  To start the last dinner of the year in the best way, we suggest you to pick different samples of our delicious […]

29 December 2020 News

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Ci Gusta’s Christmas Menu

The holidays are just around the corner and at Ci Gusta, we can’t wait to introduce you to the most classic and delicious recipes for a traditional Italian Christmas lunch. Thanks to the mastery of our chefs everyone is able to taste the rich and enticing dishes of this holiday menu. Any self-respecting Christmas lunch […]

22 December 2020 News

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Ci Gusta hot beverages

Whether it is the hot and inebriating scent of coffee or the delicate citrus fragrance of tea, at Ci Gusta you can find all sort of drinks that can warm you up during cold and gloomy days. Let’s begin this delightful tour through the aromatic notes of Bella Venezia espresso coffee. A blend composed of […]

17 December 2020 News

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Join us for a preview of the new Ci Gusta Portogruaro store!

Ci Gusta Portogruaro is getting a new look and will soon be back open – somewhere around December 14, 2020 – the store’s seventh anniversary. We cannot wait to host all of our loyal fans in our completely renovated and welcoming setting. The store will be even brighter and will feature the classic Ci Gusta […]

10 December 2020 News

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The flavors of autumn at Ci Gusta

In our land of origin, Italy, autumn has arrived bringing with it the scents, colors and flavors of the season. Our chefs are inspired by these to create many tasty seasonal recipes and products for the menus in all of our Ci Gusta locations. Are you curious to discover our autumnal menu items? Read on. […]

2 December 2020 News

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Ci Gusta Brazzaville Coming Soon!

Ci Gusta arrives in Brazzaville, Congo, bringing traditional dishes of Italian cuisine to the heart of Africa. Our new restaurant will be housed in a colonial-style building in the downtown of the city (Rue Colbert). Diners will be able to taste a large variety of dishes from our homemade pasta and flavorful sauces to our pizzas made from the […]

26 November 2020 News

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Ci Gusta’s Sunday Lunch

Sunday lunch is sacred for every Italian. This meal is a time of sharing and joy that is repeated each week and where food is the special guest. On this day of celebration, Italian mothers delight their family with traditional and rich dishes. At Ci Gusta you can experience the same emotions of these festive […]

17 November 2020 News

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Pancrocchino Special

Pancrocchino has always been one of the most popular items on the Ci Gusta menu. Our chefs carefully select the best ingredients, which enhance the fragrant and crunchy dough making Pancrocchino a customer favorite. Thanks to its rectangular shape characterized by a crunchy crust, recalls the classic Roman-style pizza, a thin and crispy pizza that […]

10 November 2020 News

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The thousand shapes of Ci Gusta’s pasta

Water. Flour. Salt; three simple ingredients that are the basis of one of the most beloved foods in the world: pasta. Pasta is the base of the Mediterranean diet and the main ingredient for infinite recipes. Italians select the type and shape of pasta according to the sauce used to season the dish in order […]

26 October 2020 News

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Weekend breakfast at Ci Gusta

The weekend is made for relaxing and slowing down from the frenetic pace of the workweek. A great way to fully enjoy your weekend is by starting these days off with a special breakfast made by our expert pastry chefs at Ci Gusta. Waking up to the smell of freshly made pancakes is definitely a […]

16 October 2020 News

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Ci Gusta’s Lactose Free Delicacies

In the past few years, more and more people are looking for gelato that is both creamy and rich in flavor while being free of milk and its derivatives. These people are looking for a tasty product that is able to meet their dietary needs. At Ci Gusta everyone can have the opportunity to enjoy […]

8 October 2020 News

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Ci Gusta’s Coffee

October 1st is International Coffee Day – a full day dedicated to one of the most loved and most consumed beverages throughout the world. You can savor its aroma to the fullest in a classic espresso or you can use it to enhance a simple gelato bowl thanks to its rich flavor. Flip through our […]

1 October 2020 News

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Ci Gusta sweet treats for a special event

Are you planning a family birthday? Or do you want to celebrate an important milestone but you don’t know which dessert to choose for your party? Every day at Ci Gusta you can find many delicious cakes and semifreddi that will be the centerpiece of your party table. If you think that a party is […]

24 September 2020 News

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Apertif at Ci Gusta

The “Aperitivo” concept is a tradition that has spread throughout the world. Friday night is usually the perfect time to enjoy this relaxing time with your colleagues and friends to celebrate the end of the work week. Not everyone knows that this tradition has an ancient history that started in the 5th century BC when […]

15 September 2020 News

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Ci Gusta at the Opera

Wednesday, September 2nd Opera Italiana is in the Air took place in the magical setting of the Castello Sforzesco in Milan. This event was born from an idea of Alvise Casellati, director of the Farnesiana Orchestra. The baritone, Leo Nucci, together with three sopranos, Maria Mudryak, Federica Guida and Annarita Giuffrida, performed the Trilogia Popolare […]

9 September 2020 News

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The sweet temptations of Ci Gusta

If you’re looking for a dessert full of flavor and sweetness come try Ci Gusta’s delicious express pastry creations! Tasty crepes, soft pancakes and irresistible bubble waffles are the best way to satisfy your sweet tooth. If your favorite way to start the day is with something made fresh and from scratch indulge in Ci […]

1 September 2020 News

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Ci Gusta’s Granitas

For the most refreshing summer treat come taste the delicious Ci Gusta granitas! You will find a wide variety of flavors to enjoy throughout the warm weather months at our Ci Gusta gelato shops. Our granitas are made with simple ingredients – like ice, fruit and sugar – that, together, create a refreshing dessert that […]

25 August 2020 News

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Summer special: gelato and semifreddi

Summer is one of the most beautiful seasons of the year – the days get longer and the weather gets warmer providing us with some amazing days to spend outdoors with friends. What better time than this to enjoy a creamy gelato or a fresh semifreddo at Ci Gusta? In Ci Gusta’s cozy atmosphere you […]

18 August 2020 News

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A journey among the Italian flavors with Ci Gusta

Italy has always been one of the tourists’ most-loved countries. Visitors come from every part of the globe to visit the natural and architectural beauties of this country. The Bel Paese is rich in artistic-cultural heritage and has more UNESCO World Heritage Sites than any other country in the world – topping the list with […]

10 August 2020 News

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A drink at Ci Gusta

Summer is the best season to sip a refreshing cocktail with your friends after a long day of work or while taking a weekend break. At Ci Gusta you can find many non-alcoholic drinks from classic combinations to the more original made from unique and high quality ingredients. May we suggest you try a regenerative […]

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Friendship Day at Ci Gusta

Since 2011, the UN has established a special day dedicated to the celebration of one of the most special feelings: friendship. The 30th of July is the day to celebrate the deep bonds of friendship. If you are looking for an idea to celebrate this day with your BFF, come to Ci Gusta! Eating pizza […]

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Coffee with Flavor

There is nothing better than to wake up with the aroma of coffee in the morning. Thanks to its irresistible scent and natural caffeine, coffee helps millions of people start the day with the energy needed to face the day ahead. At Ci Gusta we are huge fans of this beverage. For this reason, we […]

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Frozen Yogurt All Day Long!

With the authentic flavor of the very best yogurt and with a cool and creamy consistency, Ci Gusta’s Frozen Yogurt is a fresh temptation you can enjoy throughout the day all summer long. At Ci Gusta you can personalize this sweet treat with toppings full of fruit or decadent sauces. During these hot days why […]

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Start the day with Ci Gusta!

Breakfast is considered the fundamental meal of the day as it provides us the energy needed to face the day ahead. For this reason, it is important we don’t skip it! Whether you are a lover of the classic Italian breakfast with coffee and cappuccino or if you prefer to start the day with eggs […]

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Social Cakes

Ci Gusta cakes are always the most popular subject to be captured by our clients’ cameras thanks to the cakes eye-catching colors and appealing decorations. Our customers also love the flavor of these cakes made by our talented pastry chefs. Are you ready to make your mouth water? Check out the pictures of our cakes […]

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Gelato in the desert

The flavor and aroma of the exceptional artisanal Italian gelato arrives at the edge of the Arabic Peninsula in the rich and flat state of Qatar where, thanks to Ci Gusta, it is possible to taste this delicacy. Refresh yourself with this frozen sweetness in this place where the sun shines year round. The futuristic […]

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A cool break in Ci Gusta Kabul – a piece of Italy 6000 km away from it!

In the remote but vibrant Afghan capital of Kabul you can find a sweet corner of Italy that offers creamy and tasty homemade gelato to the over 3 million people who live in this legendary metropolis surrounded by mountains. After a tormented past, with still difficult present, the city – a veritable crossroads of peoples, […]

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Start Over with Ci Gusta

After a long period of time that forced the temporary closure of many of our locations, we are ready to reopen and continue Ci Gusta’s tradition of providing our customers with delicious and genuine dishes that bring the best of Italian cuisine to every corner of the world. We are committed to follow all safety […]

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Recharge Yourself with Ci Gusta

This period was tough for everyone that’s why it’s not always easy to find the energy to face the day in the best way. Fortunately, at Ci Gusta, you can find many dishes created with ingredients rich in vitamins and minerals that will provide you with the energy to face the day ahead. If you […]

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Ci Gusta Arrives in the Center of Budapest

Ci Gusta’s mouth-watering aromas and succulent dishes will soon arrive in the heart of Europe in the central European capital of Budapest, Hungary – a regal city full of life and loved by young people for its trendy clubs and by artists for its famous Opera House. In this cosmopolitan environment, Ci Gusta will bring […]

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Refresh Yourself With Ci Gusta

Temperatures are rising and the daylight hours are increasing.  There are beautiful days with blue skies that we would love to spend in the open air. Unfortunately, this is not possible at the moment, but we still want to refresh your thoughts with the thirst-quenching drinks that you can find on the menu of Ci […]

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Gelato – A symbol of freedom

In recent months, we have been forced to change our daily habits in order to contain the spread of the Covid-19 virus. Our wish is that this difficult time will end soon and we will come back to offer you a moment of pleasure in everyday life at our Ci Gusta – we just have […]

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The Mediterranean fragrances of Ci Gusta Fethiye

Ci Gusta has an Italian heart that expands all over the world to bring the excellence of our land to faraway places rich in tradition. In this difficult time for everyone, we want to tell you a wonderful story that combines different cultures and flavors to create something unique like the experience of Ci Gusta […]

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A Chocolate Flavored Easter

Easter is near and for us at Ci Gusta, Easter is synonymous with chocolate! Even if you don’t celebrate this holiday we want to delight you with our chocolate specialties that will make your mouths water! Whether you prefer dark chocolate to milk chocolate or whether your passion is white chocolate or giandiuotto, at Ci […]

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Ci Gusta arrives in Brazzaville, Congo!

The goodness of Ci Gusta arrives in Brazzaville, Congo bringing traditional dishes of Italian cuisine to the heart of Africa. Though Brazzaville is located close to the chaotic city of Kinshasa, Brazzaville could not be more relaxing and enjoyable. The city is easily accessible by foot. People can walk along the many tree-lined avenues filled […]

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Celebrate Spring with Ci Gusta!

Spring has begun and despite this difficult time we would like to entice you with what you can look forward to from Ci Gusta in the future. Soon we will be able to enjoy these sunny days out in the open air with friends. Thinking about this inspired our Ci Gusta chefs to create a […]

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Ci Gusta Official Press Release

Due to the Coronavirus epidemic in Italy, Europe and throughout the world it is with great regret we have decided to suspend all activities at our two Ci Gusta stores located in Venezia Laguna and Portogruaro. This temporary closure will be in effect until April 2020. We apologize to our customers and hope to reopen […]

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Great Success for Ci Gusta at the Coffee and Hospitality Exhibition in Medina!

The Coffee and Hospitality Exhibition was held in Medina, Saudi Arabia March 10th through the 14th where Ci Gusta presented its new products for 2020, earning two important awards from this esteemed organization. The Ci Gusta booth won over all the events attendees thanks to its contemporary and cosmopolitan style. The spectacular booth was divided […]

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Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in Ci Gusta

The 17th of March is getting closer, and Ireland and the rest of the world are ready to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. On that day, the whole island is dressed in emerald green, the streets and pubs are full of people, parades, and traditional Irish music concerts. If you’re not on the emerald island, but […]

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With Ci Gusta, you have always a place in the first row!

We are happy to announce that we will support the show of the Senegalese comedian Yass Rembobine that will take place in Bamako. Thanks to his elegant style and funny sketches, Yass has conquered all the French- speaking African countries with his irresistible humor. And now his humor is coming to the capitol of Mali. […]

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Ci Gusta Social

In the world of social networks, everyone is obsessed with food. Users love to share on their accounts pictures of delicious food that is a feast for the eyes. The most photographed subjects include gelatos, pasta, avocado foods, and pizza. What you may not know is the images shared by our clients can compete with […]

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Ci Gusta Featured in Different Media

The news of Ci Gusta‘s participation at the Coffee and Hospitality Exhibition in Medina, Saudi Arabia, is spreading on the web. Look at all the news that the trade magazines have dedicated to this event.

28 February 2020 News

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Ci Gusta at Coffee and Hospitality Exhibition in Saudi Arabia

Amazing news for the Ci Gusta world. We will participate for the first time at the “Coffee And Hospitality Exhibition” tradeshow in Medina, Saudi Arabia, from the 10th to the 14th of March, in collaboration with the prestigious company “I Eat Company” owned by the Al Zougahibi family. The 90 m2 Ci Gusta booth is […]

25 February 2020 News

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Ci Gusta is for the Whole Family!

At Ci Gusta, we have created many delicious and fun recipes that appeal to our little clients as well as adults. One simple favorite for children is the gelato sandwich. This classic dessert concept takes your favorite flavor of gelato and places it between another children’s favorite – cookies! Is your little one a fruit […]

25 February 2020 News

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More and more diners are looking for gluten-free options on restaurant menus, with consumers becoming increasingly aware of gluten intolerance and allergies. There is no doubt that today and into the future the pastry industry must include gluten-free options that do not sacrifice quality, taste or texture. For this reason, we at Ci Gusta have […]

18 February 2020 News

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Pizza Around The World!

Flour, water yeast and a touch of salt are the ingredients used to create one of the most loved foods in the world – pizza! This popular treat, a symbol of Italian cuisine, is extremely versatile. Interpretations of pizza can be found around the globe.  The United States has many versions of pizza with the […]

11 February 2020 News

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2020 Artisanal Gelato Trends

While it is still winter in the Northern Hemisphere, the Southern Hemisphere is in its summer season with people enjoying sunshine and warm weather. During the current summer season Australia is introducing and promoting new trends in gelato that will become popular in Europe and the United States. These trends include interesting and innovative solutions […]

4 February 2020 News

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