30 March 2021

Easter in Ci Gusta

Easter is coming and we want to celebrate with a menu full of flavor and aroma. Even if you don’t celebrate this holiday, you’ll love it! Read on to discover our special recipes.

To start this festive menu, we propose a starter based on the pizza that takes our name: Pancrocchino™ Ci Gusta. A soft base that is enriched with simple ingredients, but full of flavor such as mushrooms lightly sautéed and enriched with salt and pepper, tender artichoke hearts and capers with a strong flavor that give an extra boost to this pizza that has become famous in our restaurants.

Being a festive day, the appetizers do not end here, but continues with one of the finest of our focaccias. Lamb is an important symbol of Easter and at Ci Gusta we use it to fill our fragrant focaccia, together with a dollop of delicious Gorgonzola cheese with its creamy and pronounced flavor enriches this meat, and together with the bitterness of the rocket creates an ideal focaccia to enjoy during Easter lunch.

Once the starters are finished, it is time to serve the main course of this menu: Lasagne, but in this case made with a vegetable ragù. A fresher and lighter version of this traditional dish, but one that is certainly not lacking in flavor thanks to the delicious combination of seasonal vegetables that we have carefully chosen.  A vegetarian dish that is able to surprise even the lovers of the traditional version.

To conclude this scrumptuous meal, a chocolate dessert is a must. Instead of the classic Easter Egg, we offer you a chocolate cake with a soft heart that is not only a scenic dessert, but it is also delicious. If you want to take it to the next level, don’t hesitate to accompany it with a fresh scoop of cream gelato for a heavenly hot and cold contrast.

Happy Easter from Ci Gusta!

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