29 June 2023

Ci Gusta Venezia Castello: Authentic artisanal gelato in the heart of La Serenissima

Every year, the canals and palaces of Venice fascinate millions of tourists who choose to visit the unique city that has solemnly and hieratically dominated the Venetian lagoon for over 1600 years.

In addition to wandering through the marvellous Calli of La Serenissima and being captivated by the beauty that the historic centre has to offer, the many visitors can enjoy a delicious artisanal gelato! “When? You may ask …soon.” said Ci Gusta Calle al ponte Santo Antonio.

The gelato parlour is located in the heart of the Castello district of Venice, right at the crossroads with the San Marco district, a stone’s throw from the iconic Campo and Salizzada San Lio, (i.e. positioned in a strategic location just minutes away from the famous Rialto Bridge).

The showcase of Ci Gusta Venezia Castello is – since its opening in the year 2018 – full of different types of gelato flavours capable of capturing the attention of tourists walking down the street in search of the city’s wonders.

Fruit, hazelnut, pistachio, and an abundance of cream flavours make up the selection of gelato from which you can choose to craft your ideal cup.

In addition to homemade gelato, this Ci Gusta also offers the mouth-watering Bubble Waffles; fluffy and delicious waffles that are freshly made to be filled with gelato, grains, and irresistible sauces with a rich and satisfying taste.

The reviews that appear on the main portals by frequent and new visitors are in the name of excellence!

The staff of Ci Gusta Castello Venezia are ready to make your visit to the city of the Serenissima a whole lot sweeter.