23 November 2022

A new look for Ci Gusta Angola

Gelato lovers in Luanda will soon be able to enjoy Ci Gusta’s many sweet delicacies in a cosy new area that will be built at the second floor of the original building.

Work is proceeding apace so that the many regular and non-regular customers will be able to relax in the new room as early as the first days of December.

The large room will be a light-filled environment with many tables, but also several sofas and puffs that will make the stay inside even more pleasant.

Families with children, groups of friends or young couples will be welcome in this delightful space that will accommodate them during their breaks with our many gelato flavours that are made fresh every day.

We look forward to welcoming you to the renovated Ci Gusta Angola at Rua Comandante Che Guevara n°48 – Maculusso -Zone 8 Bairro Ingombota to let you taste our sweet specialities and enjoy peaceful afternoons. 

Keep following us to stay updated on the many projects of Ci Gusta Angola!

23 November 2022 News