10 August 2020

A journey among the Italian flavors with Ci Gusta

Italy has always been one of the tourists’ most-loved countries. Visitors come from every part of the globe to visit the natural and architectural beauties of this country. The Bel Paese is rich in artistic-cultural heritage and has more UNESCO World Heritage Sites than any other country in the world – topping the list with 55 sites.

Another reason people choose Italy as their holiday destination is the exceptional food the country offers. From North to South of the peninsula you can taste classic dishes made with simple but flavorful ingredients that are able to captivate the palates of foodies from around the world. If this year you can’t come to Italy, don’t worry – at Ci Gusta you will find the same authentic aromas and flavors of traditional Italian cuisine.

Starting from South of the peninsula, our first gastronomic stop along the Ci Gusta journey begins in the city of Messina. The pasta dish that we, at Ci Gusta, have dedicated to this seaside city is made with tuna, oregano, tomato sauce and spicy oil. This combination of ingredients is an explosion of flavor that will transport you directly to Sicily. Continuing northward, we arrive in the coastal city of Sorrento known all over the world for its lemons. This ingredient is the base of a pasta sauce made with shrimp and pine nuts creating a fresh tasting, citrus scented sauce enveloping pasta at its perfection.

Let’s continue on this taste journey through Italy with one of the dishes that is a symbol of the state – Pizza Tonda. Pizza Tonda is characterized by its soft and high crust that is the perfect base to spread perfumed tomato sauce, mozzarella and basil leaves to create the simple but iconic Pizza Margherita. If you want to enjoy the flavors of Italian cuisine in a pizza, we suggest you order our Pizza Italia – a pizza topped with cherry tomatoes, mozzarella, oregano, and arugula and drizzled with high quality extra virgin olive oil.

Our gastronomic tour routes to the Emilia region, a place full of tradition that is known throughout the world as the Italian Food Valley. Ci Gusta was born in this land and for this reason you can taste two classic dishes of the area – Tortelli and Cappelleti, two types of savory stuffed pasta that are impossible to resist.

The next stop on this culinary adventure is the maritime city of Genoa. Here we’ll taste traditional Focaccia dressed with extra virgin olive oil. Ci Gusta offers this classic flatbread with aromatic rosemary sprigs and other quality toppings. Focaccia is a street food rich in flavor that no one can turn down.

Finally, to conclude this pilgrimage on a sweet note of Italian flavors, let’s enjoy the delicious Ci Gusta Tiramisù. This dessert is loved within Italy from the North to the Southern most regions of the country. Its delicious mascarpone cream and delicate cookies soaked in coffee create a superb harmony of flavors that make it the perfect dessert to conclude every meal.

We are waiting for you to come experience the authentic flavors of Italy at your nearest Ci Gusta.

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