29 July 2019

Ci Gusta Le Kram. The excellence of Italian gelato, pizza and pasta gourmand is coming soon to La Goulette Street-Le Kram -Tunisia.

Ci Gusta Le Kram

The Italian format of Fast & Good dining disembarks with its ninth location in the nearby of the Goulette port. This is a strategic store for the Italian brand with an ideal venue located  12 km east of Tunis, in the point of convergence of the main roads and rail networks of Tunisia.

After this tenth opening Ci Gusta  strengthened again its brand in Tunisia. Le Kram opening follows the recent success at Cartage airport and another beautiful Lounge bar Cigusta Il Pasto inaugurated a few moths ago in the sacred city of Kairouan. The port of La  Goulette represents a strategic location for the Italian brand, being the store located in a crossroads for tourist and non-tourist routes. This is the tenth opening for the all-Italian casual dining format that is consolidating its great success in Tunisia with a winning formula of fresh and artisan preparations for the most demanding palates: ice cream, bakery, pizza and pasta in their best form.

At Le Kram the lounge will be organized in two areas: on one side – Ci Gusta Il Pasto – specializing in the offer of Pancrocchino, Focaccia and Fresh artisan pasta;

On the other side the Bakery and Gelato bar with its fresh creamy ice cream, the softserve yogurt and the iconic Italian desserts best known in the world: Venetian Tiramisu, Caramel Panna cotta, Juicy Mousse with crumble and an offer of Freak Shakes and Easy drinks perfect for adults and children.

Among the shakes the unfailing caffettone: a dessert to drink based on Italian espresso in an array of delicious and refreshing variations, unmissable  during the summer months.

The authentic taste of Italian excellence together with a touch of comfort and contemporary design with all the facilities and comforts particularly appreciated by those travelling to le Kram.

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