21 September 2022

Venice: capital of Ci Gusta

A unique city, that holds in its calli numerous treasures that are admired by thousands of tourists every year. We are talking about Venice, the city on the water par excellence where Ci Gusta has found the ideal place to showcase our artisanal gelato to the many visitors who come in person to discover this enchanting place.

Just a few steps from the famous Rialto Bridge, in the central Calle Sant’Antonio Sestiere Castello c/o Campo San Lio, stands Ci Gusta Castello Venezia.

A venue in an exceptional location that offers a wide selection of delicious gelato that, thanks to their genuine flavour and enveloping texture, allow tourists to try the true taste of Italian artisanal gelato. Another much-loved product, which attracts food lovers from all over the world, is undoubtedly the delicious Bubble Waffle, which is offered in numerous combinations, all of them extremely tasty.

Among the calli of Venice you can also enjoy a good gelato near the marvellous Scala Contarini Bovolo and the picturesque Campo Manin, to be precise in Calle Del Lovo (wolf in Venetian). Here where it is rich in art and culture, Ci Gusta offers all lovers of good Italian food quality artisanal gelato made fresh daily. The showcase is always full of a wide variety of flavours from which visitors can choose between fresh fruit flavours, perfect to enjoy while strolling through the alleys of this unique city, or delicious cream flavours that will satisfy the cravings of the sweet tooth.

A few kilometres from the lagoon city, in the small but enchanting town of Portogruaro, gelato lovers can find a real treat at Ci Gusta Portogruaro located inside the shopping mall Adriatico 2. Artisanal gelato, bubble waffles, crepes, soft serves, drinks and much more can be found here which are perfect when you take a break after an intense shopping session.

We are waiting for you at Ci Gusta to taste the real artisanal gelato!

21 September 2022 News