7 August 2020

A drink at Ci Gusta

Summer is the best season to sip a refreshing cocktail with your friends after a long day of work or while taking a weekend break. At Ci Gusta you can find many non-alcoholic drinks from classic combinations to the more original made from unique and high quality ingredients.

May we suggest you try a regenerative mocktail that combines the tropical flavor of pineapple with the citrusy flavor of orange and rounded by the sweetness of fresh blueberries? This drink is a great source of vitamins and energy that is best enjoyed under the hot summer sun.

If you love non-alcoholic cocktails with a sweet and fruity taste, we have just the one for you! Try a refreshing drink made with orange and pineapple juices and sweetened with a tasty strawberry syrup. Even those with a big sweet tooth will appreciate this full-flavored beverage. If you prefer more crisp cocktails we have mocktails for you – made with either cranberry juice or grapefruit juice – or try both and choose your favorite!

At Ci Gusta you will find many refreshing drinks that combine exquisite flavors and premium ingredients. Try our aromatic Black Tea and Yuzu. Yuzu is an Asiatic citrus fruit with multifaceted fragrances that give character and freshness to our iced tea. If you are looking for drinks that are more on trend, we’ve got perfect beverages for you, too. Our Matcha Milk is made with Japanese green tea powder and sweetened milk. Asia has also inspired another popular drink that has the colors and perfumes of ancient India – Golden Coconut Milk – a golden-yellow colored beverage made with coconut milk and turmeric. These contemporary flavors are perfect to be enjoyed on even the hottest days.

Here at Ci Gusta we are ready to help you cool down the temperate with our non-alcoholic drink selection!

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