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Here at Ci Gusta, you can savor, the authentic aromas and flavors of Italian espresso and  new health-focused Easy Drinks, cocktails in Banoffe or Matcha and a selection of sumptuous smoothies and milkshakes. 

Espresso, Cappuccino & Co.

The unique aroma of Italian espresso is a daily small moment of pleasure from CiGusta!. 100% Ara-bic Coffee, flavored and affogati are unique recipes for your breaks. Ci Gusta coffee is always a new and intense experience!

Caffettini and fla-vored Caffettoni  - 100% arabic coffee  - Affogati


Milk shakes & Granitas

Ci Gusta, will offer you delicious frappes, milkshakes and granitas specially made from natural and genuine ingredients. The freshness of the fruit, the flavor of the milk, and the creaminess of the gelato create many combinations for an incredible moment of pleasure! 


Enjoy the newest Easy Drinks! Nine variants are perfect dairy-free, low sugar alternatives to your shakes, whether served hot or cold. Don’t be fooled, they are a pure taste explosion! Enjoy them in the Banoffe, Golden Coconut, Black Tea & Yuzu! Mocktails –

Mocktails are the freshest and healthiest way to taste the philosophy of Ci Gusta! From drinks to cocktails everything has a base of the best fresh fruit for a flavourful experience of colors and fragrances in artisanal Italian beverage products.