18 February 2020


More and more diners are looking for gluten-free options on restaurant menus, with consumers becoming increasingly aware of gluten intolerance and allergies. There is no doubt that today and into the future the pastry industry must include gluten-free options that do not sacrifice quality, taste or texture. For this reason, we at Ci Gusta have introduced a wide selection of gluten-free products perfect for every hour of the day. 


How should you start the most important meal of the day? With a boost of energy! At Ci Gusta you will find a generous offering of muffins and morning pastries – all gluten-free. Or if you prefer to start your day with a more traditional pastry – a tart, for example – we have tarts packed full of luscious fruit in gluten-free shells. Whether you prefer decadent and crunchy or creamy and fruity breakfast treats, we have gluten-free options for all. 


If you crave something sweet in the middle of the day grab a Ci Gusta milkshake. Our milkshakes are made from the best quality gelato and can be topped with a gluten-free crunchy crumble.

Looking for a delightful compliment to your coffee, cappuccino or hot chocolate? Our Macaron Experience will offer you a generous, gluten-free selection of these tasty and colorful French confections.


For the perfect end to any meal or to kick off a night of fun stop into Ci Gusta. You will find a wide selection of gelatos and soft serves which can be capped off with a large variety of toppings. Everything is gluten-free, including our gelato cakes made with gluten-free sponge cake. These cakes are the perfect dessert to bring to your friends’ house as a sweet gift to thank them for the dinner invitation. 

What are you waiting for? Run to the nearest Ci Gusta!

18 February 2020 News

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