12 April 2022

The flavours of Ramadan at Ci Gusta!

Ramadan Kareem! To celebrate the month of Ramadan, we want to offer gelato flavours and elegant desserts that enhance the classic ingredients of Islamic cuisine that create a sophisticated and charming harmony of flavours.

Our expert gelato makers have created a gelato that captures all the flavour of Muhallabia, the traditional rice pudding flavoured with rose water and orange blossom, and have made it even more delicious by embellishing it with our delicately flavoured sauce rich in puffed rice.

These floral flavours are also offered in a Cheesecake version, accompanied by the fruity note of red fruits, which provide flavour and a refined contrast of colour. Try this dessert consisting of a crunchy red berry and white chocolate crumble base, that rests on top of a delicious rose-scented cheesecake with a tempting red berry filling. The perfect dessert to enjoy after the end of the daily fasting.

Another typical Ramadan dessert that we would like to offer you in a fresher and more delicious way is Kunafa. This cake is a triumph of crunchiness given by the thin strands of kataifi dough, but at the same time hides a creamy rosewater-scented filling that is alternated with pistachio grains. Our proposal is a delicious semifreddo that features all these textures, but in a cooler version suitable for warmer days.

If you would like to try these exclusive desserts, come and taste them at Ci Gusta!