30 June 2021

A New Pay Off for Ci Gusta!

Today we would like to announce something new in the world of Ci Gusta!

We have decided to add to our motto Buono Sano Italiano (Good, Healthy, Italian) a new pay off that underlines our Italian character and quality that distinguishes us all over the world. “You Can Always Trust Italian” highlights the relationship of trust we want to establish with all the customers who enter Ci Gusta restaurants around the world looking for high quality Italian food at a fair price, in a modern and informal context. This pay off underlines our Italian authenticity expressed in words, but much more in deeds as we are truly Italian, from a territory rich in gastronomic traditions: The Food Valley.

Ci Gusta has an Italian heart that brings the delights of the Bel Paese’s culinary tradition all over the world using only the best raw materials that are able to enhance the typical recipes of our places of origin to the maximum.

We want every time you taste one of our dishes to feel as if you were in a restaurant in Rome, Parma or any other Italian city of our motherland, and that you can enjoy the authentic flavours of our recipes.

We look forward to seeing you at Ci Gusta to taste the true flavours of Italian cuisine! 

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