5 December 2022

Ci Gusta Tunisia shows the Qatar World Cup and supports the Tunisian national team

The Qatar 2022 World Cup is in full swing and Ci Gusta Tunisia is celebrating this important sporting event where the country’s national team honoured its historic participation in this competition.  

For the occasion, the venues have been decorated with festoons and flags dedicated to the event and you can also watch the matches while savouring a good artisanal gelato. Ci Gusta is the perfect place to meet up with friends to watch the whole tournament together and to support the national team.

Tunisia earned a draw against the Danishnational team and suffered a defeat against Australia, but the match that will go down in Tunisian football history is the 1-0 victory over defending champions France.

Despite this memorable match, Tunisia did not qualify for the next stage of the tournament, but this does not affect the excellent performance that the Eagles of Carthage showed during the group stage of the World Cup.

During these three matches, many clients of Ci Gusta Tunisia enjoyed the games in a festive atmosphere and ate the many delicacies the venue offers including Pasta, Pancrocchino and Caffettone.

5 December 2022 News