17 June 2021


In Ci Gusta, not only will you find premium homemade gelato, but also delicious baked goods that are sure to bring you delight from the early morning until the early evening. Are you curious to discover the selection of our bakery? Read on.

A croissant filled with one of our delicate and flavourful creams is a must for breakfast. Classic, pistachio, chocolate, gianduia… There is something for every flavour palate! Of course, the best way to enjoy these exquisite pastries is with a cup of steaming espresso coffee or a creamy cappuccino that our baristas make using our aromatic Bella VeneziaTM coffee.

In addition to the classic Italian breakfast, you can choose between tasty Donuts or irresistible Tarts filled with lemon or chocolate cream to be enjoyed while sipping on fruit juice or a fresh milkshake made with your favourite gelato.

For lunch or a quick dinner, we suggest you try a selection of our Pizzas and Pancrocchini, which take their inspiration from the classic Sicilian pizza alla pala and which you can share with your friends to experience new flavours together. An example of one of these delicious orders include our Pancrocchino with smoked salmon, capers, buffalo mozzarella and fresh cherry tomatoes, which combines the most typical flavours of Italian cuisine with the strong taste of one of the most popular foods in northern European countries.

Vegetarian food lovers will not be disappointed, as they can choose from the most classic traditional Italian pizzas such as Margherita or Speciale, but they will also have the possibility to choose from different Pancrocchino options filled with mozzarella, grilled seasonal vegetables and Parmesan cheese flakes wrapped in a crispy bun.

We’re sure this article has made your mouth water! To satisfy your cravings you will have to come and visit us at Ci Gusta!

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