31 March 2020

Celebrate Spring with Ci Gusta!

Spring has begun and despite this difficult time we would like to entice you with what you can look forward to from Ci Gusta in the future.

Soon we will be able to enjoy these sunny days out in the open air with friends. Thinking about this inspired our Ci Gusta chefs to create a unique recipe, Pasta Sun. This recipe is made with a pesto that has sweet, sun-dried tomatoes as its main ingredient. Thanks to the sun’s heat, the flavor of these tomatoes is concentrated and robust. This sun-dried tomato pesto is served over pasta that has been extruded through classic bronze dies and made of the highest quality grains. If you prefer to enjoy a plate of vegetarian pasta that is full of flavorful, fresh seasonal vegetables we recommend you try our Pasta Giardino.

If you are a fan of Italian pizza and can’t wait to come back and enjoy it again may we suggest you try our Pizza Caprese made with tomato sauce, mozzarella, basil, oregano and extra virgin olive oil – a few traditional ingredients that are flavorful enough to create a light pizza topping suitable for Spring.

If it is something sweet you are craving you can choose from an infinite number of gelato flavors. Gelato is a favorite springtime dessert all over the world! Try our colorful and creamy fruit gelatos made from high quality seasonal ingredients like bananas, berries, green apple and lemons. If you are a strawberry lover, do not miss our delicious Strawberry Chocolate Delight Epic Cup which combines the sweetness and acidity of the juiciest strawberries with dark chocolate chips, vanilla and strawberry gelato and a waterfall of whipped cream garnished with coconut topping. This is a delicacy that is impossible to resist!

From our pastry menu the gourmets will find numerous desserts made with the flavors of this lively season. One of these is a classic Italian dessert: Pannacotta. This is a creamy, custard-like dessert with the taste of fresh cream and accompanied by a delicious strawberry sauce. Pie lovers will enjoy the Lemon Meringue Tart – a short crust pastry shell filled with colorful lemon cream topped with mounds of fluffy, white meringue.

For now, we will make you dream but soon we are sure we will be celebrating our return to everyday life together. Everything will be fine!

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