8 October 2021

Ci Gusta Cioccomania

Dark, milk, white or with crunchy hazelnuts are just some of the delicious ways to enjoy chocolate, one of the most delicious foods that you can taste. At Ci Gusta we love experimenting with this mesmerizing ingredient, and you’ll find plenty of ways to get the most out of it. Let the cioccomania of Ci Gusta begin!

At Ci Gusta we love to delight you with our gelatos, and when it comes to enhancing the flavour of cocoa we are ready to offer you many sweet possibilities. If you want to taste the intense flavour of cocoa beans as the Aztecs did since ancient times, we offer you our single-origin Venezuelan chocolate Fondente Gran Sabana which guarantees a pleasant sensation of pure cocoa with a floral aftertaste, notes of dried fruit and tobacco and a unique creaminess enriched by small pieces of cocoa beans.

Another sublime flavour with an enveloping taste that will satisfy the most intense chocolate cravings is undoubtedly our Sierra Negra dark chocolate. This flavour is made from single origin chocolate from the cocoa plantations of Ecuador and is distinguished by its velvety taste and unique floral aroma, with a hint of hazelnut and light hints of coffee, vanilla and spices. A taste for the most sophisticated palates.

For those who love chocolate, but always have an eye on their figure, at Ci Gusta they can find the right flavour for them: Ciocconero Zero. Ciocconero Zero is a deep black dark chocolate flavoured gelato sweetened with Stevia and with no added sugar, perfect also for those who follow a vegan diet and love chocolate.

The combination of chocolate and hazelnuts is a famous combination born in the city of Turin in the nineteenth century where this magical meeting of flavours took place for the first time. At Ci Gusta we like to offer this exquisite combination, especially in the Frappè version, which children especially love to enjoy as a snack.

Finally, there is the most mouth-watering and chocolate-rich cake you can find: Chocolate Lava Cake.  A creamy cake with an irresistible chocolate filling, it’s the perfect way to end a meal or whenever you’re in the mood for a chocolate treat.

Has reading this article made your mouth water? Come to Ci Gusta to satisfy your chocolate craving!  

8 October 2021 News

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