3 November 2022

The comfort food of Ci Gusta: Soups

With their intense flavour and inviting aroma, Ci Gusta’s soups are ready to surprise the lovers of this comfort food with different dishes that will win them over at first taste. From the classic flavours of Italian cuisine, to those inspired by traditional Oriental dishes, you will find a soup to suit everyone.

Potato Soup is a great classic with a simple, yet extremely satisfying flavour. Its creaminess and delicate taste make it a favourite choice for those who enjoy a flavourful first course.

Those who love spices and perfect combinations will certainly choose our Coconut and Curry Soup. A perfectly flavoured blend of the aromatic spices in curry but pleasing to the palate thanks to the balancing sweetness of coconut milk that flavours to perfection.

At Ci Gusta you will also find Asparagus Soup, starring this spring vegetable rich in vitamins and minerals with a slightly bitter taste that is at its best in our soup.

Finally, you cannot miss our homage to a delicious ingredient that grows in the lush forests of the Italian mountains, the mushroom. Our Mushroom Soup has the surprising goodness of this food, which becomes the main ingredient in this typical dish of mountain refuges.

We are waiting for you in your nearest Ci Gusta to let you taste our soups.

3 November 2022 News