12 May 2020

Ci Gusta Arrives in the Center of Budapest

Ci Gusta’s mouth-watering aromas and succulent dishes will soon arrive in the heart of Europe in the central European capital of Budapest, Hungary – a regal city full of life and loved by young people for its trendy clubs and by artists for its famous Opera House. In this cosmopolitan environment, Ci Gusta will bring the traditional dishes of Italian cuisine to attract both the locals and the many tourists who visit this lively city.

The new Ci Gusta will be located in the heart of the entertainment district, on Vasvari Street, near the famous Kiraly Street and Andrassy Avenue and very close to the Opera Stop. In this area you can visit many theaters – including the wonderful Opera – the Liszt Ference Music Academy and the old synagogue. This neighborhood has several historic sites and the new Ci Gusta will be housed in one of these buildings that is very well known to the Hungarian people because it was one of the landmarks in the series, “Budapest – All Night and Day.”

Mrs. Katalin has chosen to work with Ci Gusta because Ci Gusta is the ideal company to combine two of her greatest passions – artisanal gelato and Italian cuisine! Thanks to the ideal location of the place, she aims to introduce Ci Gusta’s delicious breakfast pastries and infinite gelato flavors to a wide clientele. Ci Gusta will become a meeting place for international tourists, inhabitants of the neighborhood and for young talents who attend the Academy of Music and Ballet.

Ci Gusta Budapest will be the perfect venue for all age groups. Children will have an area dedicated exclusively to them where they can play while their parents enjoy a refreshing milkshake. Groups of young people will be able to enjoy an evening out with friends competing in table tennis or darts while adults will be able to attend classes or presentations while sipping one of our aromatic coffees.

Both Hungarian and Italian cuisines have the great ability to enhance the value of simple but quality ingredients such as fresh fruit that is processed with care to create the tasty desserts and creamy gelato that can be found on the Ci Gusta menu.

We look forward to welcoming you to Ci Gusta Budapest to bring the best of Italian gelato and pastries to the heart of Europe.

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