5 May 2020

Refresh Yourself With Ci Gusta

Temperatures are rising and the daylight hours are increasing.  There are beautiful days with blue skies that we would love to spend in the open air. Unfortunately, this is not possible at the moment, but we still want to refresh your thoughts with the thirst-quenching drinks that you can find on the menu of Ci Gusta.

If you are a lover of Ci Gusta’s gelato, you can use your creativity by choosing the flavors you like in your personalized milkshake. You select the gelato and we will take care of creating a tasty and velvety drink full of flavor. You can choose to enjoy your personalized drink in two formats depending on your desire for gelato; the medium format is suitable for everyone and at all hours, or the large version which is only for the most gluttonous.

For days when the heat is unbearable and you are looking for a fresh and light drink that will give you back your lost energy, you can find a wide selection of granitas perfect for lowering the temperature in Ci Gusta. Our granitas are inspired by Sicilian tradition and are made with high quality syrups perfectly mixed with finely crushed ice. If you are a fruit lover, we suggest you try the mango, green apple and lemon granitas. Or, if you can’t resist the sweetness, try the chocolate and coconut flavors. All Ci Gusta granitas are available in medium and large size.

For those who love healthy drinks, we have many smoothies made with delicious fresh fruit and are ideal for cooling off on a hot afternoon. At Ci Gusta you can find many vitamin variations ranging from strawberry to more tropical flavors such as passion fruit.

For now, we have only been able to introduce you to our tasty and refreshing drinks in this article, but we look forward to welcoming you to the nearest Ci Gusta when the health emergency is over.

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