22 November 2021

Work in progress Ci Gusta Togo

Work is proceeding feverishly on the brand-new Ci Gusta Togo, which will open next month, December 2021, in the vibrant capital city of Lomé. This colourful and fascinating city is located on the south-western tip of the country, overlooking the majestic Gulf of Guinea that provides a light sea breeze that refreshes the air, making this city the ideal place to enjoy an excellent gelato every day of the year.

The restaurant of more than 700 m2 will be very bright thanks to the large windows that allow natural light to enter, making the environment even more welcoming and will be designed in the classic Ci Gusta style.

Ci Gusta Togo will be located in front of the Hotel de Ville and aims to become the place par excellence where you can taste the good dishes of the Italian gastronomic tradition in the country. The new Ci Gusta aims also to become a meeting point for the families of the neighborhood who will be able to enjoy excellent gelatos and many other delicacies.

Ci Gusta Lomé confirms our desire to bring the tradition and flavours of Italian cuisine to the African continent where we have been investing and promoting Italian gastronomic culture for years.

We look forward to welcoming all lovers of good food to this new Ci Gusta.

Stay tuned!

22 November 2021 News

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