1 September 2020

The sweet temptations of Ci Gusta

If you’re looking for a dessert full of flavor and sweetness come try Ci Gusta’s delicious express pastry creations! Tasty crepes, soft pancakes and irresistible bubble waffles are the best way to satisfy your sweet tooth.

If your favorite way to start the day is with something made fresh and from scratch indulge in Ci Gusta’s pancakes. These fluffy pancakes are made to order and can be accompanied with fresh fruit, such as strawberries or blueberries, or topped with mouth-watering chocolate sauce.

Crepes lovers will find a wide selection of crepes offerings at Ci Gusta. One of the most popular dishes on the menu is the chocolate crepes – a specialty that crepes lovers should not miss. We also offer crepes served with fresh fruit and gelato or whipped cream – be sure to select your favorite to create your own winning combination of flavors.

Ci Gusta’s Bubble Waffles have become one of the most popular snacks on social media thanks to their eye-catching appearance and delicious taste. Bubble waffles are a soft waffle made to order and create the perfect base or vessel for gelato that can be topped with an infinite number of sauces and toppings. Many people love to top the waffle with our creamy gelato and fresh fruit while others can’t resist adding colorful sprinkles. Let your imagination be your guide to select the perfect toppings to create your own signature bubble waffle combination full of color and flavor.

For those who love fragrant wafers, cones and baskets but are looking for gluten-free varieties, come visit the Ci Gusta Portogruaro where you can enjoy these delights. With their sweet aroma and crunchy bite these gluten-free wafers, cones and baskets will make your favorite gelato taste even more delicious.

Try our irresistible express pastry specialties at your local Ci Gusta – we are waiting for you!

1 September 2020 News

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