12 July 2023

A Revamped Logo for Ci Gusta!

For the special occasion of the opening for the new gelato parlour in Reggio Emilia, we have redesigned our logo!

A modern and contemporary graphic design, while strongly evocative of our origin, the city of Reggio Emilia. A creation that includes a daisy as it is a flower indicating our love for nature and our desire to offer more and more quality food and vegan-friendly options.

The style that we have decided to use for the redesign is a deliberate reflection of handwriting as, within our logo, we want to bring out the concept of craftsmanship and attention to detail that distinguishes our philosophy. 

Our new logo will make its debut at the brand-new Ci Gusta in Reggio Emilia – which has recently opened inside the Il Mercato Eat & Meet – in the heart of the historic centre of our beloved city. This new graphic identity will characterize Ci Gusta everywhere and will soon be possible to observe in the next two location openings in Chad and the UK.

Henceforth, our bond with our land is even stronger as we will continue to bring the best of the Food Valley throughout the world to allow more and more food lovers to taste the natural goodness of our area and of Italy as a whole.

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