7 September 2022

Ci Gusta presents the ‘Forza Biancorossi’ flavour in the VIP area of the Druso Stadium

A gelato dedicated to the team that has all the flavours and quality typical of South Tyrol

To celebrate the home game against Cosenza, coach Bisoli’s former team, on September 17th at the Druso stadium in Bolzano, Ci Gusta will delight our guests in the VIP area with the “Forza Biancorossi” gelato flavour, a yoghurt based gelato, enriched with an elegant and delicious lingonberry sauce.

Ci Gusta has created this recipe in the colours of the South Tyrolean side, as well as the flavours that best characterise this region.

It is an area rich in unspoilt meadows, where cows graze freely and happily, producing a top-quality milk from which this exceptional yoghurt is made. Also, it has all the characteristics of the lush forests of the Martello valley, from where the most delicious and juicy lingonberries are sourced.

The VIP Club guests will be welcomed by the Ci Gusta’s iconic gelato cart and they will enjoy the flavour dedicated to the team during the pre and post-match period of the match against Cosenza.

The “Forza Biancorossi” gelato is our way of wishing an excellent first season in Serie B to FC Südtirol, a team that represents a unique territory and is the representation of good football.