27 July 2021

Ci Gusta’s summer gelatos

Summer is for sure the best season to enjoy deliciously creamy and flavorful artisan gelato, giving you a refreshingly pleasant and sweet sensation.

On warmer days, we recommend you choose one of the different fruit flavours that our gelato makers suggest in the shop window.

Strawberry, for example, is a great classic loved by young and adults alike. Melon, mango, pineapple and lemon are also some of the many fruit flavours you can order to fill your own fresh cup to regenerate you after a hot afternoon in the sun.

If you want to taste something even more delicious, add a cream flavour that ranges from the more traditional custard with a light lemon aroma, to the richer gelato flavours of classic Italian desserts such as Tiramisù and Pannacotta. A delight for the palate that is suitable to be enjoyed either as a fresh after-dinner treat or as a tasty midafternoon snack.

Finally, if it is too hot to enjoy a cup of tasty espresso, but you can’t do without your daily dose of coffee, you can try our coffee gelato, made with Arabica blend to give you the intense and aromatic taste of the best espresso in a gelato version.

Whether you are a fruit or cream lover, at Ci Gusta you will always find the right gelato to refresh your hot summer days.

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