21 June 2023

Ci Gusta Tunisia Turns 10!

It seems like only yesterday that Ci Gusta opened its first venue in Tunisia, but in fact it has already been 10 years! To celebrate this important milestone, a grand party will be held on Saturday June 24th at the Ci Gusta Gremda restaurant in Sfax.

Tunisia was the first country in Africa to welcome Ci Gusta, allowing us to bring the best of Italian cuisine to this continent, where there are now 14 establishments offering the Bel Paese’s beloved dishes.

Ci Gusta has brought the goodness of Italian gelato all over Tunisia: from the coastal town of Sfax to Tunis Carthage International Airport, via Kairouan and Sousse. In all of these places it is indeed possible to enjoy a satisfying artisanal gelato and many other sweet and savoury delights from Ci Gusta.

To find out all the details about this unforgettable anniversary celebration, we invite you to follow the Ci Gusta Tunisia pages on social networks to not miss out on the great festivities planned for Saturday June 24th. This exciting celebration will be enlivened by music, games and, of course, lots of gelato. For this special occasion, there will be many delicious new toppings introduced, as well as a sweet novelty that we are sure will win over the palates of the restaurants’ customers.

A big thank you to all of the staff at Ci Gusta Tunisia for making Ci Gusta grow so much in the country and for contributing to making artisanal gelato known throughout the world. A sincere thank you to the Masmoudi family who made it all possible.

Happy Birthday Ci Gusta Tunisia!