9 May 2023

Two new sections on the Ci Gusta website: Cafffettone™ and Ci Gusta Vegan Burger™

The Ci Gusta menu is expanding more and more to offer new specialities to the customers who visit our stores.

We have decided to dedicate two sections of our website to two novelties: the Cafffettone™ and the Ci Gusta Vegan Burger™.

If you scroll down the home page of our website, you will in fact immediately see the inviting image of the Cafffettone™ by Ci Gusta, and by clicking on it, you will discover in detail the characteristics of this delicacy.

Cafffettone™ is a fresh mascarpone cream enriched with a cup of espresso coffee and decorated with a dusting of cocoa powder and a savoiardo biscuit, a delicacy that has all the typical taste of Tiramisù, but in a fresh and innovative version.

Another novelty that has earned a place on the home page of the Ci Gusta website is the brand-new Ci Gusta Vegan Burger™. Thanks to this new entry, our chefs have the opportunity to delight the many lovers of vegan cuisine with delicious 100% plant-based preparations.

Mini burgers, croquettes, meatballs and vegetable ragout, as well as many finger food proposals entirely based on vegetables.