Ci Gusta in Congo: A Delicious Adventure

For almost three years now, Ci Gusta Reggio Emilia has opened its doors in Congo, with the aim of bringing the authentic taste of Italian cuisine to the capital’s and by creating something unique in the country. It all started when Mr Mohamed discovered our franchise during a food event […]

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Ci Gusta Reggio Emilia arrives in Chad, in the heart of Africa!

In January 2025, the inhabitants of N’djamena will finally be able to enjoy the delicious taste of freshly made artisanal gelato, thanks to the first opening of Ci Gusta Reggio Emilia in Chad. This is a fascinating nation rich in culture and old traditions in the heart of Africa, with […]

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FC Südtirol conquers Ascoli

In the fourth matchday of the Serie B 2023-2024, FC Südtirol secured a valuable victory against Ascoli, prevailing with a score of 2-1. The match, played at the Stadio Cino e Lillo Del Duca in Ascoli Piceno, saw the red and white team take the lead already in the first […]

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Coming Soon Ci Gusta Baghdad

Exciting news for all the flavour enthusiasts! Ci Gusta Reggio Emilia is bringing authentic Italian tastes to Baghdad with a new majestic shop. Stay tuned for the opening date and share the news with friends and family – Italy is coming to Baghdad!

26 January 2024 News

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The treasures of South Tyrol

South Tyrol has always been renowned for its natural beauty, cultural richness, and the unique taste of its local products. These unique elements, combined, create an enchanting context that captivates the numerous visitors who choose to spend their vacation in these lands every year. Among the numerous attractions that this […]

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Ci Gusta Reggio Emilia at Franchise Expo 2023 in Frankfurt

We are pleased to be able to present all the novelties of Ci Gusta Reggio Emilia to the German and international public at the Franchise Expo 2023 in Frankfurt, from 9 to 11 November, at the famous Messe Frankfurt.  In particular in the city’s exhibition centre of Frankfurt am Main, […]

8 November 2023 News

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