3 March 2020

Ci Gusta Social

In the world of social networks, everyone is obsessed with food. Users love to share on their accounts pictures of delicious food that is a feast for the eyes. The most photographed subjects include gelatos, pasta, avocado foods, and pizza. What you may not know is the images shared by our clients can compete with the contents produced by even the most famous food influencers. With our official hashtag “#cigusta” you can find out which are the most shared dishes of the Ci Gusta community.

Breakfast is one of the most photographed and shared meals on social media. Thanks to the bright colors of fruits like pomegranate seeds sprinkled on our granola bowls, and to our creamy cappuccinos decorated with intricate Latte Art patterns made by the members of our expert staff.

For the lovers of savory breakfast, at Ci Gusta it is possible to find not only sweet options, but also savory options. In our menu you can find many dishes that suit any kind of diet, even vegetarian-friendly foods. Eggs, toast, baked beans, and hash browns are just few items from our vegetarian selection that our clients have captured in their photo posts.  

For everyone that desires a tasty and sweet break, perfect before taking a flight or facing a hot summer day, it is possible to find in our menu endless milkshake and smoothie recipes that, thanks to their colors and the attractive packaging, offer the opportunity to post the perfect shot on your social media pages.

The wide selection of artisan pasta dishes enriched with our flavorful sauces are the star of our clients’ images, who love to find the aromas and flavors of the Italian cuisine even in far away countries. It is not possible to forget one of the most signature Italian dishes, pizza! This iconic food is celebrated in our social media accounts together with tasty hamburgers made with the high-quality lamb meat. 

If you think about Ci Gusta, the first things that come to your mind are the colorful artisan gelato displays, and the delicious soft serves with delicate yogurt flavor. Gelato cones and cups are some of our clients’ most loved subjects and they do not miss any occasion to post a photo.

Following “#cigusta” you can see the amazing cake design creations that our pastry chefs make every day. For example, look at these beautiful themed cakes created to celebrate the birthdays of our little clients.

Finally, we show you the real star of our social media: the bubble waffle! A soft waffle paired with gelato, fruit, cookies and colorful toppings with an irresistible flavor that all your followers will want to try.

Has watching these images made your mouth water? If so, run to nearest Ci Gusta and don’t forget to take some nice photos.

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