17 December 2020

Ci Gusta hot beverages

Whether it is the hot and inebriating scent of coffee or the delicate citrus fragrance of tea, at Ci Gusta you can find all sort of drinks that can warm you up during cold and gloomy days.

Let’s begin this delightful tour through the aromatic notes of Bella Venezia espresso coffee. A blend composed of Arabica coffee, from Brazil, which stands out for its fragrant notes of caramel and cocoa, and Robusta coffee which gives a thick foam characteristic of Ci Gusta espresso. This warm, perfumed and revitalizing beverage is perfect to enjoy in the morning as a sweet awakening or after lunch. If you are a coffee lover, you cannot miss also the tasty Ci Gusta Caffè – an irresistible espresso topped with whipped cream and your topping of choice. Simply delicious.

Another beverage that is perfect for breakfast and that will help you to start the day with the right mood, is our Cappuccino. You can drink the classic version made with coffee and milk characterized by its thick foam or you can be creative and experiment with our flavored versions: hazelnut, chocolate, almond, strawberry, mint and caramel. Endless flavor combinations that will suit all the client’s needs.

At Ci Gusta you can also find a drink with a flavor that takes you straight to Japan: Matcha Latte. This green tea powder is sweetened with milk creating a combination of flavors that preserves the characteristics of this tea full of beneficial properties.  A delicate taste that responds to current trends.

One of the drinks loved by our greediest customers is undoubtedly the Cream and Strawberry. A pastel pink drink with a fresh and irresistible strawberry flavor is perfect to accompany a soft crepe with gelato. And there you have it, the perfect yummy snack. Do you fancy something different? Try the iconic beverage with the flavor of PinoPinguino, a delicious cocoa and hazelnut drink that will warm you up with taste.

Last but not least, Banoffee Pie lovers will be able to taste the sweet flavor of caramel and banana in a richly flavored drink made by our Banana and Milk Caramel. This hard to resist drink is a great way to taste the flavors of this delicious pie, but in a new way. If you love caramel, but you are not a fan of banana, don’t worry!  Our Salted Caramel hot beverage that will satisfy your craving of sweet.

Come visit us and let us warm you up with these drinks and many other tasty treats!

17 December 2020 News

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