24 September 2020

Ci Gusta sweet treats for a special event

Are you planning a family birthday? Or do you want to celebrate an important milestone but you don’t know which dessert to choose for your party? Every day at Ci Gusta you can find many delicious cakes and semifreddi that will be the centerpiece of your party table.

If you think that a party is not a party without gelato, order one of our creamy gelato cakes! Our gelato makers enjoy choosing the most delicious flavor combinations to create an irresistible dessert for you. If you want to surprise the birthday boy or girl with their own special dessert let us know what their favorite flavors are and we will make a custom cake that you can deliver directly to their home – the perfect gift to let those you love know how much you care.

If you want to celebrate like a real Italian, you can’t miss the tiramisu! This dessert may seem simple but it is rich in flavor thanks to the layers of sponge cake soaked in coffee and layered with mascarpone cream that envelops the palate in every bite. Tiramisu is an Italian delight that can be enjoyed in all of the Ci Gusta locations around the world.

Another dessert on Ci Gusta’s menu is our Lemon Millefeuille. This is perfect to eat at the end of any meal thanks to its refreshing and light taste. Our Lemon Millefeuille is comprised of thin layers of puff pastry and a delicate cream made with the zest and juice of this citrus fruit that is plentiful in southern Italy. This dessert is a favorite among our diners.

Do you have people who follow a vegan diet among your party guests? No problem. The pastry chefs of Ci Gusta have thought of them. There are plenty of choices for those who want to enjoy a dessert rich in flavor but contains no products of animal origin. You can order a fresh Red Fruit Semifreddo or the delicious Chocolate and Coconut Cake for your vegan friends. Lovers of tropical flavors or chocolate will love these desserts!

Have you chosen the perfect cake for your party? Run to Ci Gusta and order it!

24 September 2020 News

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