3 March 2021

Ci Gusta Fethiye – Italian Taste in the Heart of the Mediterranean

We are happy to announce the reopening of Ci Gusta Fethiye, which will take place on March 15th. Once again, you will be able to enjoy the specialties of Ci Gusta in this city rich in history and breathtaking landscapes located in the Lycia coast located in the South-West of Turkey.

During the time this Ci Gusta location had to be closed, Mrs. Gulayn and her staff were not discouraged but rather took advantage of the downtime. They attended a course with one of our Ci Gusta technical demonstrators to learn new recipes, which you will soon be able to taste. Ci Gusta Fethiye is famous for its creamy gelato and, soon, you will be able to try many new flavor combinations! If you are a lover of dark chocolate with a fresh note of mint, you must try our new CioccoMenta. In addition to this mouthwatering flavor, biscuit gelato lovers will find an extra tasty version that we highly recommend you try.

In Fethiye, Ci Gusta will be offering gelato versions of some of the traditional desserts and flavors of Turkish cuisine. Kataifi pastry is one of the iconic elements of Turkish desserts, characterized by its delicate appearance, crunchy texture and sweet taste. The master gelato makers of Ci Gusta have created a gelato flavor that pays homage to this classic pastry popular in this region of the Mediterranean. The concentrated sweetness of Turkey’s premium dried figs is highlighted when paired with walnuts in a creamy gelato. 

You will find a wide variety of creamy fruit gelato to choose from at Ci Gusta Fethiye. Strawberry has always been one of the most classic and popular gelato flavors. At Ci Gusta Fethiye, our strawberry gelato has the scent and taste of the best ripe strawberries. Our Melon gelato cup has a thirst-quenching taste, which will provide refreshment during the hot spring and summer days.

In addition to learning these new gelato recipes, the staff at Ci Gusta Fethiye, has learned how to make fluffy donuts and pastries filled with delicious creams and fresh gelato to enjoy as a snack or as a delicious dessert. The staff also studied the art of crepes making, understanding how to make a batter than guarantees the most perfect, delicate crepes that can be filled with chocolate, pistachio cream, fresh fruit and, of course, gelato.

Finally, Ci Gusta Fethiye is also famous for its Ci Pizza Tonda that is made with quality ingredients following the infallible technique of Ci Gusta chefs. During their training our pizza makers learned how to produce a perfect dough to create a fragrant smaller version of our popular margherita pizza. This pizza, made with fresh oregano, is ideal to enjoy while walking along the city’s promenade.

We look forward to seeing you at Ci Gusta Fethiye on March 15th to enjoy our classic dishes and try the new menu offerings!

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