16 June 2020

Gelato in the desert

The flavor and aroma of the exceptional artisanal Italian gelato arrives at the edge of the Arabic Peninsula in the rich and flat state of Qatar where, thanks to Ci Gusta, it is possible to taste this delicacy. Refresh yourself with this frozen sweetness in this place where the sun shines year round.

The futuristic capital of Doha has over 956,460 inhabitants, more than 60% of the entire population of Qatar. These residents live in this cutting edge and cosmopolitan city that hosts many students in its Education City – an area of the capital where several universities have their headquarters. The most popular entertainment sector of the city is the Doha Festival City – the largest shopping mall in Qatar that is home to many western brands and many international restaurant chains. In this place, Ci Gusta stands out for the quality of its artisanal gelato.

The owners of Ci Gusta Qatar are brothers Mr. Nadeem Sohl and Mr. Mohammed Sohl. They decided Ci Gusta was the perfect choice to bring authentic Italian gelato to this country while enchanting the citizens of the state with the simple and quality products that Italy offers. The quality and the research behind using only the best raw ingredients are distinctions that characterize the gelato served at Ci Gusta.

Citizens of Qatar love to vacation in Italy, spending time at the Bel Paese, shopping the famous Italian fashion brands, and dining on traditional Italian dishes. Ci Gusta Qatar’s gelato will transport the diner back to Italy without having to travel internationally to get there. Ci Gusta’s gelato is made using the same processes and high quality ingredients that have been used to make artisanal gelato in Italy for generations.

The typical customers who patronize the Ci Gusta at the Doha Festival City are families with children who decide to spend an afternoon of shopping in the mall. The children are the real fans of our gelato. Our customers’ most popular gelato flavor is an Italian classic – pistachio.  The bright green color and inviting aroma of toasted pistachios have made this flavor one of the best-sellers in the shop. Another popular offering is our Frozen Yogurt. Its genuine flavor and the taste and colorful toppings allow anyone to enjoy a fresh and irresistible treat any time of day.

At Ci Gusta you can taste not only gelato but also many delicious crepes and waffles that the most gluttonous of shoppers can enjoy.

We look forward to seeing you at Ci Gusta Qatar where we can share with you the best Italian gelato in the heart of the desert.

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