1 August 2023

A Great Celebration for 10 Years of Ci Gusta Tunisia!

We have a continuous love for creating cakes and other goodies to celebrate our customers’ important events, thus, to be celebrated with such great enthusiasm and affection from the customers of Ci Gusta Tunisia at the 10-year anniversary party, was absolutely wonderful.

On that note, on Saturday June 24th, a wonderful party was held at Ci Gusta in Gremda, with an attendance of more than 500 people who came to celebrate the restaurant’s 10-year anniversary! During this special event, the staff showcased new gelato flavours that were a true success, together with several gelato cakes, cheesecake paradiso, and cheesecake san sebastian that were all greatly appreciated by everyone.  

To liven up the day, a local band entertained the guests with their music and many games were organized for people to enjoy.

One of the games was the Wheel of Fortune which gave guests the opportunity to win frappuccinos, gelatos, cheesecakes and many other Ci Gusta’s specialities. It was a game enjoyed by everyone, especially the younger customers.

One of the most memorable moments of the party was the cutting of the celebratory cake, where the entire Ci Gusta Tunisia team was celebrated with great enthusiasm by the customers in attendance.

It was truly a beautiful day and we are overjoyed that so many friends had a wonderful time at the event and came to celebrate with the Ci Gusta Tunisia staff for this tremendous occasion.

A big thank you to everyone for taking part in this milestone celebration and happy birthday again to Ci Gusta Tunisia!