2 March 2023

Ci Gusta Hyderabad: one of the best burgers in the city

We are happy to report that the communications agency MNV Digital has listed Ci Gusta in its top 5 best places to enjoy a great burger in Hyderabad.

This restaurant, which has been successfully open since 2014, not only offers numerous typical Italian dishes, but also excellent hamburgers that are skilfully made by our experienced chefs. Only the most fragrant buns, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, is chosen to accommodate the best ingredients to create both timeless classics and the most original flavour combinations that have won over the palates of the restaurant’s many customers. MNV recommends the Chicken Juicy Lucy, but all the burgers on the menu are worth trying!

In addition to the burgers, also not to be missed are the many flavours of artisanal gelato made with only high-quality ingredients and the many breakfast pastries such as croissants and waffles that are perfect to accompany an espresso coffee or a creamy cappuccino.

You just have to go to Ci Gusta Hyderabad to choose your favourite dish!