26 October 2020

The thousand shapes of Ci Gusta’s pasta

Water. Flour. Salt; three simple ingredients that are the basis of one of the most beloved foods in the world: pasta. Pasta is the base of the Mediterranean diet and the main ingredient for infinite recipes. Italians select the type and shape of pasta according to the sauce used to season the dish in order to best enhance the sauce flavor. The rougher the surface of the pasta or the more ridges on the surface of the pasta, the more sauce adheres to the noodle. For this reason, we at Ci Gusta offer a variety of pastas extruded through bronze dyes. Bronze dyes create the perfect pasta surface to highlight the flavor of any sauce.

At Ci Gusta we recommend you try Pasta al Pomodoro and Basil – one of the simplest and most iconic recipes of Italian cuisine. The sweetness of the fragrant tomatoes used in the sauce is enhanced by the verdant flavor of fresh basil leaves. These two ingredients create a sauce with a mouth-watering aroma. We suggest you select spaghetti to pair with this delicate sauce. Spaghetti is one of the most appreciated shapes of pasta and is the symbol of the Bel Paese.

Our selection of pasta includes not only semolina pasta but also egg pasta. At Ci Gusta you can taste the Queen Papardella, a must-have dish on every Italian family’s traditional Sunday lunch table. At Ci Gusta we make the Queen Papparadella in the authentic Italian way – Ci Gusta’s ragucooks slowly for many hours so that the delicate flavor of veal or lamb blends with the acidity of tomato and the freshness of aromatic herbs. The result of this exacting process is a dense and full-bodied sauce perfect to pair with pappardelle. When eating this dish at Ci Gusta you will experience the classic Italian Sunday meal!

In Ci Gusta, you can try also other two typical dishes of the Italian tradition: Penne alla Carrettiera and Pici Cacio e Pepe. The first one is a typical Sicilian recipe based on simple ingredients, but rich in flavor: chili, garlic, extra virgin olive oil, pecorino cheese and parsley. Authentic aromas of the tradition that together with our penne have been able to conquer the palates of Ci Gusta’ customers. Pici Cacio e Pepe are instead one of the typical dishes of Tuscany, one of the most well-known Italian regions abroad, where people made this particular shape of pasta for centuries. They are similar to spaghetti, but they distinguished by their width and texture. The perfect format to taste the creamy sauce made with Pecorino Romano cheese and pepper that has become famous all over the world: the “Cacio e Pepe“. Two ingredients of excellence that our skillful chefs know how to mix with mastery to create an unforgettable dish. 

Italian pasta crossed Italy’s borders and its popularity has spread throughout the world. Thanks to the versatility of pasta, people from different countries eat pasta flavored with their homeland’s traditional spices and ingredients. At Ci Gusta we highly value the flavors of other cultures and countries. For this reason, our menu includes pasta recipes inspired by oriental flavors. In these menu offerings is a dish of tagliatelle enveloped in a tasty curry sauce with chicken – an updated and tasty way to enjoy the taste of a classic Indian curry.

Come and taste our pasta dishes at the nearest Ci Gusta to you!

26 October 2020 News

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