23 July 2020

Coffee with Flavor

There is nothing better than to wake up with the aroma of coffee in the morning. Thanks to its irresistible scent and natural caffeine, coffee helps millions of people start the day with the energy needed to face the day ahead. At Ci Gusta we are huge fans of this beverage. For this reason, we offer you coffee in many different versions from the classic Italian espresso to iced coffee that is perfect for hot summer days.

The arrival of coffee in Italy has ancient origins – the first beans of this revolutionary plant arrived in the port of Venice in the sixteenth century. Since then, the popularity of coffee spread throughout the country and has become a daily ritual in the Italian culture. From Northern Italy to south of the peninsula, coffee brings sociality and joy to the Italian people. Having a coffee in Italy is not simply drinking a hot beverage but rather it is a symbol of relaxation and sharing among people – things we want to bring to all the Ci Gusta locations in the world.

Wake up with flavor by trying the Ci Gusta Espresso made with our aromatic blend composed of Arabica coffee. With its intense flavor Ci Gusta Espresso is the perfect drink to sip in the morning to get you ready to face the work day.

If you love to take your time when you drink coffee try our Double Espresso. You will find all of the aroma and flavor of our Ci Gusta Espresso but in a double version. If you are a fan of Cappuccino you will not want to miss our creamy version made with Ci Gusta coffee with a delicate yet firm foam that highlights the natural sweetness of the coffee. If you love this coffee shop classic you will also appreciate the Ci Gusta Macchiato, our espresso blend enriched with velvety cream.

Looking for an alternative way to end your meal other than a traditional pastry? Try our flavored espressos. The rich aroma of chocolate, the delicate flavor of hazelnut or sweet and creamy caramel sauce with give your Ci Gusta coffee a boost and will ensure you a tasty and invigorating break. The most epicurean can ask our bartender to add a spoon of whipped cream to the flavored coffee to savor a drink that tastes like dessert.

Even in the summer season, there is no need to miss out on your coffee break ritual. You can sip our Cold Espresso – Ci Gusta’s version of iced coffee made with a shot of espresso served over ice and sweetened with sugar. This refreshing drink combines the robust aroma and flavor of coffee with the coolness of ice making it perfect to enjoy during hot afternoons.

We are waiting for you at Ci Gusta to offer you a coffee break rich in flavor!

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