6 April 2020

Ci Gusta arrives in Brazzaville, Congo!

The goodness of Ci Gusta arrives in Brazzaville, Congo bringing traditional dishes of Italian cuisine to the heart of Africa.

Though Brazzaville is located close to the chaotic city of Kinshasa, Brazzaville could not be more relaxing and enjoyable. The city is easily accessible by foot. People can walk along the many tree-lined avenues filled with restaurants and cafes to which the new Ci Gusta will soon be added.

Our new restaurant will be housed in a colonial-style building and feature the Ci Gusta style of quality casual dining. Diners will be able to taste a large variety of dishes from our homemade pasta topped with our flavorful sauces to our pizzas made from the highest quality grains. One will not be able to resist the classic Italian desserts or the wide selection of gelato flavors. Both the denizens of the city and tourists alike will be welcome to our restaurant which aims to become a neighborhood meeting place for family and friends. At Ci Gusta we promote the philosophy of “Fast and Good” food served in an informal, laid-back atmosphere.  

The renovation on the building that will house Ci Gusta Brazzaville has just begun and it is estimated that the restaurant will be open around July 2020. We cannot wait to inaugurate this new venue that will bring Italian foods and gastronomic tradition to the center of Africa. Stay tuned!

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