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The cult Italian desserts, such as panna cotta, Zabajone, Tiramisu,  chocolate pastries, lava cake, reinvented Muffins and much more!  

Cheese and ice cream cakes

Delicious combinations of mascarpone cheesecake, frozen yogurt, or gelato served sliced or available as a whole cake that you can order for birthdays or special occasions. Enjoy a beautiful custom-designed cake at your next party! Our creative staff will take care of the unique décor and personalization!  

Frozen desserts, single serve mousse, ”semifreddi”.

Not simply frozen desserts and mousse, but authentic panna cotta, Italian tiramisu’ and Bavarian cream served together with frozen mousse and generously decorated with apple crumble.Try them all! 


It is a typical Italian bakery with a  pastry selection consisting  of: caramel mille-feuille, oven-baked donuts, chocolate lava cake, lemon rolls, big Italian cookies, confectionery, and croissants.

eXpress Pastry

Fresh and  tasty, generous amounts of crepes, waffles, and bubble waffles are treats with a melty and crispy texture, perfect for pairing with gelato and creams, that you should definitely try! Prepared onsite right in front of your eyes, they are a pleasure whether salty or sweet. These pastries perfume the lounge with a vanilla aroma that is undeniable.