22 December 2020

Ci Gusta’s Christmas Menu

The holidays are just around the corner and at Ci Gusta, we can’t wait to introduce you to the most classic and delicious recipes for a traditional Italian Christmas lunch. Thanks to the mastery of our chefs everyone is able to taste the rich and enticing dishes of this holiday menu.

Any self-respecting Christmas lunch always begins with a great variety of appetizers which are a real treat for the senses. Our chefs have created a Pancrocchino recipe that combines a crunchy crust with the smoky flavor of salmon accompanied by pink peppercorns, arugula, cream cheese and fresh cherry tomatoes. This flavorful appetizer prepares diners for the main courses to follow.

One of the most traditional Christmas dishes is undoubtedly tortellini. This stuffed pasta has an unmistakable shape and tasty fillings. This pasta dish is a must-have for every Italian Christmas table. For this reason, Ci Gusta’s tortellini cannot be missed.

In addition to tortellini we offer our customers another Italian favorite –  lasagna. At Ci Gusta this iconic Italian dish can be enjoyed made with a rich and luscious meat sauce or with a delectable vegetarian version that alternates layers of pasta with delicious vegetables and creamy cheese.  

To end this sumptuous menu on a high note, don’t forget to select your favorite flavor combination among our elegant parfaits. We have many parfaits for you to choose from. If you want to finish your meal with something sweet but intense, the chocolate semifreddo would be perfect for you. If you prefer the freshness and pleasant acidity of fruits, refresh your palate with our monoportions.

Do you want a yummy Christmas afternoon break? Try one of our amazing Bubble Waffles. If you love the sweet flavor of strawberry, try the Capriccio bubble waffle made with vanilla Tahiti gelato, red strawberry, crunchy chocolate cookies and a rich chocolate sauce. Are you a chocolate lover? Do not miss the Canaletto version of our bubble waffle: chocolate gelato, strawberries, mini merengue and chocolate wafers. Super! The Bellotto bubble waffle is made with premium quality hazelnut gelato, covered with mini merengue and a tasty salted caramel sauce. The right recipe for all the caramel lovers. The Tiziano bubble waffle is a delicious combination of vanilla gelato, crunchy caramelized catalana grains, coffee crunch and a velvety chocolate sauce that will surprise you for its tastiness. Finally, if you are looking for something with an exotic taste, the Tintoretto version is a delicious combination of vanilla Tahiti gelato, crunchy biscuits, cocco snack dressed with a yummy chocolate sauce.

Many recipes that will create the perfect Christmas treat. We are waiting for you at Ci Gusta to come taste all of the goodness of Christmas.

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