3 August 2021

Quick, but with taste

If you are looking for a delicious meal to eat quickly during your lunch break in a bright and welcoming environment, come to Ci Gusta to experience the fast and tasty experience. One of the main objectives of Ci Gusta is to offer Italian cuisine in a fast and efficient way, using only genuine ingredients so that everyone can enjoy our delicacies even when time is short.

For a quick lunch, you can choose from many delicious versions of our Pancrocchino that will make you want to order the whole menu. If you haven’t tried it yet, you’ll need to order one that takes its name from one of Italy’s biggest islands, known in the world for its crystal-clear waters and wild hinterland, which offers sensational products like those we’ve chosen to make this original version. Sardinian pecorino cheese, mozzarella, marinated purple cabbage, anchovies and pistachio pesto are the sublime ingredients that sit on the fragrant base of this Pancrocchino that pays homage to the land of Sardinia.

If you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to sit down at one of our tables, don’t worry because you can order one of the many delicious sandwiches that contain a wide variety of the best of typical Italian products, such as tasty bresaola with salad and ricotta cream or a delicious vegetarian version made with sautéed vegetables seasoned with salt, pepper, oil and oregano accompanied by flakes of Parmigiano Reggiano and mozzarella.

If you have enough time to make yourself comfortable and sit down at our tables, you absolutely must order a plate of our renowned Pasta. The bronze cut that distinguishes the pasta, is complemented by the simplest sauces like the classic Penne with tomato sauce and fresh cherry tomatoes, but it also goes perfectly with traditional Italian Pestos such as Genovese or Sicilian

Finally, if you still have a few minutes before you have to get back to work, order a Bella Venezia Espresso and accompany it with one of our Chocolate or Fruit Tartlets for a tasty end to your meal. If it’s too hot, you know that at Ci Gusta you can always find the perfect gelato to enjoy before you go back to work.

See you for your next lunch break at Ci Gusta!

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