22 March 2024

Ci Gusta Reggio Emilia arrives in Chad, in the heart of Africa!

In January 2025, the inhabitants of N’djamena will finally be able to enjoy the delicious taste of freshly made artisanal gelato, thanks to the first opening of Ci Gusta Reggio Emilia in Chad. This is a fascinating nation rich in culture and old traditions in the heart of Africa, with a vast geographical diversity ranging from the Sahara region to Lake Chad and the rainforest. For Sunny Sidimi, our franchisee, bringing our brand to his hometown was a real challenge as he will be the only non-native restaurant to open in the country.

Sunny’s introduction to Ci Gusta Reggio Emilia began during his time in Benin where he and his friends experienced the delicious products of our shop in the capital city, Cotunu. Little did he know, this experience would later spark the idea to bring Ci Gusta to Chad. In fact, upon returning to N’djamena, Sunny recognized the perfect opportunity to establish a Ci Gusta in an old family house downtown.

In addition to the very high quality of the products, which has always been a strong point for our franchise, what further convinced Sunny to become a Ci Gusta franchisee was the exceptional support he received from the very beginning. Ci Gusta’s clear communication and prompt responses made a significant impression on him. In particular, one of the decisive moments that convinced Sunny was his meeting with Dario Rabboni, the franchise owner, whose passion for the brand ignited his enthusiasm and convinced him, despite the challenges due to the pandemic, to sign the master franchise contract for Chad in February 2022.

As preparations for the opening progress, the vision for the restaurant goes beyond just gelato. He plans to offer a complete dining experience, including pastries and various traditional Italian dishes like pasta and pizza. Sunny aims to set his restaurant apart from others in town by providing authentic flavors and a welcoming atmosphere for families and young people. Looking forward, he hopes to expand the franchise in N’djamena with 3-4 more locations, enhancing the city’s culinary landscape.

 In essence, Ci Gusta N’djamena represents more than just a gelato shop; it embodies Sunny’s commitment to quality, community, and culinary innovation. He eagerly anticipates sharing his passion for Italian cuisine with the people of Chad and beyond, inviting them to experience the joy of Ci Gusta firsthand.