10 December 2020

Join us for a preview of the new Ci Gusta Portogruaro store!

Ci Gusta Portogruaro is getting a new look and will soon be back open – somewhere around December 14, 2020 – the store’s seventh anniversary. We cannot wait to host all of our loyal fans in our completely renovated and welcoming setting.

The store will be even brighter and will feature the classic Ci Gusta colors – white and blue. The showcase will host a large variety of delicious gelato flavors which will change with the season. We still have our famous yogurt station where we offer our freshly made soft, classic and Greek yogurt options that our customers can decorate with many scrumptious toppings and sauces.

Our popular warm artisan cones will be available to compliment Ci Gusta’s creamy gelato. On our menu you will also find luscious crepes that are served with fresh fruit, tasty sauces and, of course, gelato.

Ci Gusta Portogruaro will offer different drinks such as the creamy Caffettone as well as many hot drinks with unique flavors in our Cosi Drinks offerings. Either cool or hot, these beverages are decorated with whipped cream and crunchy toppings that will warm you up on cold winter days.

Thanks to four screens on the walls of the ice cream parlor, our customers can easily keep up to date with the Ci Gusta world. The screens display news about our menu, promotions and, more generally, news from the franchising chain as new locations open around the world, including information for those who want to open their own Ci Gusta.

Those shopping in the mall will notice how modern and attractive this newly renovated store is. The store is located at the entrance of the Centro Commerciale Adriato 2 in Portuguaro and will continue to bring the goodness of artisan gelato to our loyal customers and new customers alike.

We are waiting for you!

10 December 2020 News

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