23 July 2021

Ci Gusta at Calle del Lovo is already a success!

Small, but of great visual impact and strong personality! On 17 July 2021, Ci Gusta Teatro finally opened!

Thanks to its strategic location, at the intersection of the urban axis that leads from San Marco to Rialto, many Venetians and tourists stopped by to enjoy the selection of different gelato flavours our Chefs prepared for the opening.

However, the most popular treat was undoubtedly the Cafffettone™, a delicious mascarpone-flavoured cream, enriched by a cup of espresso coffee and garnished with a dusting of cocoa.

Foodies could not resist the many different combinations of Bubble Waffles on the menu, which each name pays homage to some of the characters that represent the 1600 years of Venice’s history. These soft and exquisite wafers that contain creamy gelato garnished with tasty grains and decorated with delicious sauces have enchanted many people looking for a sweet snack to enjoy while walking through the calle.

The opening of Ci Gusta Venezia Teatro was a true feast attended by the many people who came to taste our gelato flavours during the Redentore weekend.

It was a great start for this project, which was born in collaboration with Mela Holding Group Spa of the family of the entrepreneur Marco Salihu, leader in the catering sector of the eternal city of Venice.

There was a lot of satisfaction, and as Flavio Pimentel, Ci Gusta’s technical support manager, comments:

“We are happy that the opening of Ci Gusta Venezia Teatro was a success and that many people stopped to taste our gelato on their way to San Marco’s Square to admire the Redentore Festival fireworks display. We were delighted to see several customers return and hear their compliments about our gelato, which they described as one of the best in Venice. The team is very close-knit and ready to welcome tourists and residents with a smile and to explain all the proposals with professionalism. We look forward to seeing you in Calle del Lovo!”

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