10 June 2020

A cool break in Ci Gusta Kabul – a piece of Italy 6000 km away from it!

In the remote but vibrant Afghan capital of Kabul you can find a sweet corner of Italy that offers creamy and tasty homemade gelato to the over 3 million people who live in this legendary metropolis surrounded by mountains.

After a tormented past, with still difficult present, the city – a veritable crossroads of peoples, cultures and beauty – never fails to amaze for its dynamism and lively inhabitants.

Let’s get to know more about this incredible corner of Italy located far from its homeland.

First, we’ll introduce you to Milan and Zara, a young couple that moved from their native city, Kabul, to Hamburg, Germany. From there, Milan and Zara decided to come back home to launch the Ci Gusta brand in their motherland.

Despite the over 6,000 km that separate Kabul from Italy, the flavors and aromas that distinguish the two cuisines are very similar. The Afghans, as well as the Italians are warm and hospitable people who love spending time with their families and friends.

Ci Gusta Kabul is the ideal place where you can spend afternoons in the company of your loved ones. Due to its modern design and bright and spacious furnishings, it is perfect to host groups of friends and family who want to enjoy delicious homemade gelato.

Owing to these characteristics, Ci Gusta Kabul has become a meeting point for the city’s families and for the many students from the nearby universities who want to take a break after a day spent studying in the library.

Ci Gusta Kabul is, in fact, located in the heart of the university area of the city – exactly halfway between the prestigious Kabul University and Avicenna University – which together have more than 14,000 students, many of whom alternate their study time with a cool break made with Ci Gusta’s homemade gelato.

Thanks to its strategic locale and the delicious products Ci Gusta offers, the shop has become one of the most popular places for young students who, after many hours of lessons, can relax and spend time in the company of their peers while sipping a creamy milkshake.

Not only young people, but also many older people who have lived in Europe or in the United States, once repatriated, often come to eat a gelato at Ci Gusta Kabul to rediscover the authentic taste of real Italian artisan gelato.

Thanks to the wide selection of gelato flavors – from fresh fruit to the most delicious creams- Mr. Milan, with his very nice wife Zara, and the talented staff, have thus managed to conquer the inhabitants of Kabul since 2014, year of opening.

The popular social page of Ci Gusta Kabul, which has always been very popular and visited, and where clients love to leave comments and suggestions, demonstrates all this.

If you live in this lively city, or have the opportunity to visit it, Milan and Zara will be waiting for you at Ci Gusta Kabul to let you taste a delicious corner of Italy 6000 km away!

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