14 October 2021

Two years of Ci Gusta Mali!

It’s already been two years since Ci Gusta Mali brought the goodness of Italian gelato to cosmopolitan and modern Bamako, and to celebrate this important milestone, we want to introduce you to this wonderful place.

It all began when Chadi Mourad and his wife Chahnaze decided to bring the culture and passion for artisanal gelato to Mali and with the help of Ci Gusta’s expert chefs, they have managed to delight every palate of the locals, who have elected the place as one of the best places to spend time with friends while enjoying a delicious gelato. Moreover, Ci Gusta Mali is loved by the little ones, as it has a playground where they can play and have fun after eating their favourite cone or cup. All these features make Ci Gusta Mali the only Italian-style gelato parlour in the country Mali that offers the same quality as the best Italian gelato parlours.

Ci Gusta Mali always has a display case full of gelato flavours, from delicious creams to refreshing fruit, perfect for enjoying on hot days. Not only gelato, but also milkshakes decorated with crunchy crumbles or colorful smoothies to regenerate from a long day at work.

The Ci Gusta Mali team is always ready to welcome you with a smile and an endless variety of gelato flavours!

14 October 2021 News

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