26 May 2020

A bit of Italy in Mali: the trendiest place in the energetic capital of Bamako reopens

After a brief closure due to the health emergency caused by the spread of Covid-19, Ci Gusta Bamako reopened its doors on May 19th after a triumphant start last October 2019.

To celebrate this good news we want to share with you the history of this restaurant and describe to you the flavors you can experience at this corner of Italy located in the heart of Africa.

In the gigantic sub-Saharan state of Mali – a place with rich and varied cultures. The ancient Dogon culture is juxtaposed with the futuristic capital city of Bamako with its 3 million inhabitants residing along the placid waters of the Niger River.

Our restaurant is located on one of the main streets of the city – Avenue Al Qoods, Route de Koulikoro – and next to the Total Hippodrome gas station. This area is full of life, home to many restaurants and in close proximity to several clubs frequented by young people.

Ci Gusta Mali is easily accessible by car and is the only place in this great metropolis that has a playground. Children can frolic and have fun while their parents relax while enjoying a creamy gelato or an indulgent pizza made in Italy.

Our franchisee, Chadi Mourad, along with his wife and expert chef, Chahnaze, decided to bring the culture and passion of homemade gelato to Mali after a trip to Senegal. While traveling in Dakar Chadi was able to taste gelato made with quality ingredients for the first time – the same quality ingredients that characterize the gelato of Ci Gusta.

With the help of Ci Gusta’s expert chefs Chadi and Chahaze were able to attract neighborhood families into the gelato shop. These local families love Ci Gusta and consider it the perfect place to spend time with each other. Chadi and Chahaze’s Ci Gusta has also attracted many young people who want to spend an afternoon with friends as well as many Malian people who often travel abroad and who find the atmosphere and hospitality of a traditional European hangout at Ci Gusta Bamako.

Ci Gusta Bamako offers a wide variety of gelato flavors from delicious creams to refreshing fruit, all perfect to enjoy on hot days. In addition, there are milkshakes decorated with crunchy crumbles or vitamin smoothies to regenerate your body from a long day of work.

Today, Ci Gusta is a gelateria. In the near future, we will begin offering our Malian customers a wide variety of savory pizzas. Like our gelato, these pizzas will be made with only the highest quality ingredients – including the special flour used in our proprietary crusts.

Since May 19th we have been back in business and we can’t wait for you to celebrate the reopening of Ci Gusta Bamako with a great gelato!

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