27 January 2023

Ci Gusta United Kingdom coming soon

In 2023 the goodness and quality of Ci Gusta will arrive in the UK! We can’t wait to tell you all about our first UK venue that will welcome the many British lovers of good Italian food.

To keep you up to date with all the developments and find out in advance what the first Ci Gusta in the UK will be like, we invite you to follow the dedicated Facebook page where you will find news about the Ci Gusta world and where we will slowly reveal what specialities from our menu we have decided to bring across the Channel.

Ci Gusta UK will introduce the true dishes of the Italian gastronomic tradition to all English foodies, who will be able to enjoy real Italian artisanal gelato and the best of the Bel Paese’s typical dishes in a cosy restaurant with the characteristic Ci Gusta style.

Don’t forget to follow Ci Gusta United Kingdom on Facebook.

27 January 2023 News