3 April 2024

Ci Gusta in Congo: A Delicious Adventure

For almost three years now, Ci Gusta Reggio Emilia has opened its doors in Congo, with the aim of bringing the authentic taste of Italian cuisine to the capital’s and by creating something unique in the country. It all started when Mr Mohamed discovered our franchise during a food event in Dubai. Impressed by the passion of the team and the quality of the products, he decided to bring Ci Gusta to Congo, obtaining master franchise rights despite all the difficulties caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. However, his determination enabled him to overcome every challenge and to succeed in opening the first shop of our franchise in Brazzaville on 17 October 2021. Success that was soon replicated with the opening of a second shop in Maya-Maya airport. 

Dealing with a wide range of products, including gelato, pasta, pizza and pastries, has been one of the biggest challenges for Mr Mohamed. Of all of them, the artisanal gelato won the hearts of the residents of Brazzaville and became the symbol of his shop. The success of this product was not only due to the quality of the raw materials, but also due to Mr Raad’s profound knowledge of local food tastes. Thanks to this expertise, he was able to create a unique and authentic gastronomic experience, mixing Italian and local flavours to satisfy all palates.

Over time, Ci Gusta Reggio Emilia has established solid ties with the community through various initiatives. First of all, in order to valorise to the maximum the ingredients coming from this extraordinary land, it was decided to introduce the ‘Made in Congo’ label. This label is meant to inform customers that all the raw materials used for the different preparations are sourced locally, thus demonstrating the franchise’s commitment to supporting local producers. In addition, by 2025, the use of local ingredients, especially fruit and vegetables, will be further increased.

Our franchise’s plans do not stop here! In fact, Mr Mohamed and his partner are planning to open a third shop in Pointe-Noire. When we asked what is the key to opening a successful Ci Gusta, their answer was very clear: ‘Dedication and adaptability are key. Understanding the local context, carefully selecting ingredients and building a passionate team are essential in this industry”. It is with this mindset and vision that we look forward with confidence to new challenges and opportunities that await us in the future.

Keep following us to stay updated on the latest news regarding the development of our brand in this fascinating country.