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About us


We select only the very best products within the Italian food heritage to create a menu that always reserves a touch of novelty in the tradition.

Creative Combinations and Attention to Seasonality

Ci Gusta’s impeccable menu is composed of raw materials and mouthwatering recipes made with fresh, local ingredients, bringing these unique taste combinations created by Italian chefs all around the world.

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Quality Casual Dining.

Ci Gusta is the food lounge operated with quality and speed. Our gourmet preparations are all Italian, freshly cooked, baked, and created for quality casual dining, which do not sacrifice quality and taste.

From Sunrise to Sunset.

From breakfast to dinner to a gelato snack break, Ci Gusta is also excellent for a pit-stop during the day or to enjoy an aperitivo with company. Ci Gusta is the Fast & Good lounge, where you can enjoy the best foods of the Italian tradition. Come In and try the Gelato, Pasta, Pizza and Coffee, at their best!


The conception of Ci Gusta derived from Dario Rabboni, a talented manager with a vocation for international trade and a deep connection to the products of the “food valley”, a region in his native Italy, which has become a main hot-spot for gourmands all around the world.

Since 2011, the solid entrepreneurial background developed in the family-owned food production company allowed Dario to give life to CI GUSTA, an innovative format for quality casual dining. The dining chain is present in over 20 countries around the world, offering pizza, pasta, ice cream, and coffee – using base ingredients 100% sourced from Italy.