9 February 2022

The new drinks of Ci Gusta: goodness in every sip

At Ci Gusta, surprising the customer is an essential prerogative that we keep in mind every time we develop new recipes. We imagine your reactions and we strive to create only good dishes that you will remember. With these objectives in mind, our bartenders have come up with some new drinks that will delight you during your visits to our restaurants.

The first drink we are proposing is a black tea with mint that pays homage to the typical flavours of the Maghreb, a region in North Africa overlooking the Mediterranean that has always shared spices, aromas and traditions with the regions of Southern Italy, creating delicious and tasty dishes. Try our version and let yourself be charmed by its fresh scent.

If you are looking for a refreshing, yet delicious drink, try our Banoffee milkshake with its sweet caramel and banana flavour, or if you prefer something more aromatic and spicier, try our Golden Coconut Milk milkshake with the fragrance of turmeric and the sweetness of coconut.

For the fans of cheesecake, we have come up with a milkshake that gives a new twist to this loved dessert that is always present in our pastry shop window.

Finally, we have had fun coming up with lots of new ways to offer you our tempting hot chocolate. You can try it on its own to savour its scented aroma, or topped with a cloud of whipped cream decorated with luscious caramel sauce and crunchy crumble. A delight not to be missed!

Are you curious to try our new beverages? We look forward to seeing you at Ci Gusta!

9 February 2022 News

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